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There are few brands that can claim to have reinvented themselves quite as successfully as Skoda. Until the late ‘90s, it’s fair to say that Skoda had very few fans in the UK – but all that changed when the VW took control and started to transform the marque into one of the most highly-regarded brands on the road today.

Skoda currently produces 8 vehicles for the UK market – from the compact and economical CitiGo to the burly 7-seat SUV, the Kodiaq. As well as excellent reliability, Skoda is known for generously loading their vehicles with plenty of equipment – so the brand’s vehicles aren’t just cost-effective – they also come with plenty of technology onboard.

With its small engines and modest £8,900 price tag, the cheapest Skoda to insure is the CitiGo – but the Fabia isn’t far behind it – with prices starting from £14,200. In fact, premiums remain affordable throughout the range – even as you explore the new Scala (the replacement for the Rapid and Rapid Spaceback), Octavia, and Superb vehicles – although it’s worth avoiding vRS specs and powerful Superb models if you’re hoping to find cheap Skoda insurance.

Even if you decide to explore the very highly rated Karoq and Kodiaq SUVs, you won’t find performance or prices that push your Skoda into especially high insurance groups – and a superb level of onboard security help to keep premiums down. 

Whether you decide on a fully comprehensive policy for your Skoda, or you’d like to keep costs down by opting for third party, fire and theft – or third party only cover, you can find a policy that suits your needs, your Skoda – and your pocket. We can even find telematics policies that monitor your driving – to ensure cover reflects the way you drive – not just what your car is capable of.

Compare Skoda insurance costs for all models

Skoda classic car insurance

They might not have been everyone’s dream car, but At, we know that classic Skodas have developed a significant following in the UK – and we realise you might not use yours like a modern Fabia or Octavia.

As such, you can find cover that suits your needs exactly. Whether you’re in the process of getting your Skoda on the road after restoration or simply looking to find cover that values your classic appropriately, we’ll help.

We’re confident that our Skoda car insurance prices won’t be beaten – but we also make sure you get cover with outstanding benefits:
full auto insurance that starts on day 1

Cover that starts from day 1

Every policy benefit starts from the day you take out cover on your Skoda.

Car on rental hire

Car hire included on leading plans

Even if your car is off the road, you won’t be, as our policies include hire vehicles.

Roadside Recovery vehicle towing car

Recovery and roadside assistance

Breakdown cover included on leading plans.

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Get an instant Skoda insurance quote now

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At, our insurance service is part of a larger social value model, a way of doing business that sees us help local communities.

As we grow, so does the support we offer for a huge range of charity projects around the UK and beyond. From HMP academies the provide training for people who might otherwise have limited options, to food redistribution networks that help to provide meals for people who may otherwise go hungry; we’re behind the scenes, offering financial backing.

When you choose, you don’t just get quotes from industry-leading Skoda insurance specialists – you also get to know you’re supporting charity work that changes people’s lives.