Pre-purchase vehicle inspection

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We’re certain we help provide the best pre-purchase used car inspection service in the UK.

  • Up to 143 vehicle check points
  • Road test
  • Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Upto 50% cheaper then similiar services

Why choose to provide a pre-purchase vehicle inspection?

Our independent vehicle inspection professionals will travel to the vehicle and complete a series of comprehensive checks. When complete, you’ll get a full report – including pictures – so you can decide if the car’s right for you.

Why choose us for car inspections

Step 1

Give us the location

We’ll save you the hassle of getting the car to us

Unlike some car inspection companies, you won’t have to worry about getting your vehicle to us here at We’ll come to the vehicle – whether it’s on a driveway, in a dealership, or even at a place of work.
Why choose us for vehicle inspections

Step 2

Inspection and photographs

Don’t worry about car industry lingo – we’ll even provide pictures

Our used car vehicle inspection cover can cover up to 318 points – including mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic parts of the car. We’ll even provide photographs and explain everything in plain English – so you don’t have to rely on technical information alone.
Why choose us for pre-purchase vehicle inspections

Step 3

Comprehensive history check

We cross-reference data from the police, DVLA, finance companies, and insurers

It’s estimated that around half of all used vehicle have a hidden history. With our pre-purchase car check, you can be certain that you’re getting the full picture – for motoring with complete peace of mind.
Why choose us for used vehicle inspections

Step 4

Used vehicle inspection report

Our mobile mechanic’s pre-purchase inspection leaves nothing to chance

Our full vehicle inspection report provides neatly organised and easily understood information on the car’s engine, interior, exhaust, electrics, brakes, fuel system, suspension, transmission, MOT history – and lots more.