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Current style registrations

First issued in 2001 and still being issued today, this personalised registration type always consists of seven characters, with the format of two letters plus two numbers followed by three letters. Only the letter I is excluded from this range.

Why choose to buy current style personalised number plates?

Since they were introduced in 2001, current registrations have provided a massive range of possible words and phrases – thanks to their two letters, two numbers, three letters ‘AB01 ABC’ format.

New plates are issued every six months – and the latest ‘70’ plates do a great job of representing the letters T and O – making it possible to spell names like Tom, Tony, Toby, and many others.

Of course, there are plenty of other options as well as names – BO55 (boss), JU57 (just) and FA57 (fast) all look great; and if you’re really creative, the format allows a host of longer words too, including ‘PR05 PER’ and ‘HU55 LED’.

Why not enter your name or another word into our unique search tool and see what new plates there are that might match you or your personality?

Ford Fiesta Active - Reliability

Why buy a current style personalised registration?

A private plate is one of the very ways to give your car a unique look that stands out from the crowd – and the right plate can be a great investment too.

With literally millions of plates available, there’s one to suit virtually anyone – so a personal registration also makes a thoughtful gift for someone you love!