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If you’re learning to drive with a professional instructor, you won’t need to worry about insurance – but if you’re learning to drive in a family car, a friend’s car, or a car you own yourself, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got adequate cover in place.

One option is to be added to the insurance policy of the person whose car you’re using – but be warned, adding a learner a ‘named driver’ will often send their premiums through the roof – simply because a learner driver’s lack of experience means an increased risk for the insurance company. 

Generally, the most cost-effective way to make sure you’re covered as a learner is to find a learner policy. Not all cover is exactly the same though; some will cover you for the use of another person’s car only – whereas some policies will cover you to drive a car you own yourself. At, we’ll help you we track down a policy that fits your needs exactly – so you’re not paying for anything you don’t need.

When you explore learner policies, you’ll find some that cover you for very short periods of time (sometimes just hours or days) – and some that cover you for a full year. Again, you’re always welcome to pick up the phone and talk to one of our helpful and experienced advisers to help you choose cover that’s right for you.  

With just a few details from you, you’ll be able to find a range of quotes – ranging from fully comprehensive cover, down to cheaper third party only, and third party, fire and theft policies. The comparison tools make it quick and simple to pick the level of cover and provider that’s exactly right for you, your car, and your pocket.

Find great value car insurance for learners today

Ideal learner vehicles

If you’re hoping to keep your premiums as low as possible, you should aim to learn in a small city car with a low power engine. Cars like the Volkswagen Polo and Up! are both excellent options – along with the Kia Picanto, the Ford Fiesta, the Skoda Citigo, and the Hyundai i10.

Amazing prices are just part of what do; we’ll also make sure learners get a range of outstanding benefits with your policy:
full auto insurance that starts on day 1

Cover that starts from day 1

No need to wait – all your benefits start from the day your policy begins

Car on rental hire

Car hire included on leading plans

Make sure you’re not stuck for transport – even if your car’s off the road

Roadside Recovery vehicle towing car

Recovery and roadside assistance

Worried about breakdowns? Don’t be! We include cover with your policy

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Compare learner driver insurance quotes now

Compare learner driver insurance quotes now

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Your car insurance will help support local communities

Insuring a car when you’re learning to drive might not feel like something that comes with any feelgood factor – but when you do it with, you might be surprised to discover that it does!

The revenue that the insurance comparison service helps us to create means we can continue our support of charity projects around the UK. From food redistribution services that help to feed people who would otherwise go hungry – to training schemes to help vulnerable adults find work and their own homes; you’re helping us make a real difference to people’s lives.