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Electric cars could form battery hubs to store renewable energy

As consumers, our energy needs fluctuate enormously depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. For energy companies, this creates an interesting problem – when electricity is consistently produced; how can you store excesses to be used at peak times?

Stephen Kelly

VW and Ford in self-driving electric car pact

The motor industry is used to seeing Ford and Volkswagen going head-to-head when it comes to technology developments and the sales that follow – but that’s about to change.

Stephen Kelly

Ford launches ‘Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC’

The Ford Motor Company has announced the launch of its new organisation that is to be responsible for the research and development of automated vehicles, with a view to aggressively expand its place within the AV market. To companies like Google, Uber and now Ford, self driving vehicles are being seen as something of a Holy Grail, with the two tech companies spending huge amounts of money and effort on what many other companies considered to be little more than a pet project.

Stephen Kelly

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We Review the Renault Kadjar

Here’s our Renault Kadjar review, giving you everything you need to know if you’re interested in this reliable little run-about.

Stephen Kelly

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Scrap Metal Prices

Scrap car prices are largely determined by the price of scrap metal. When it comes to scrap metal pricing there are a large number of factors that affect the price. If you are looking to recycle your scrap metal then check out our tips below.

Car Insurance Groups Explained

Car insurance groups are a great way to get an indication of the expected range you might pay for a car. They can be used as a guide to estimate your insurance costs and finding a car with a low insurance group may be your best chance to obtaining cheap car insurance.

TFL ULEZ Van Scrappage Scheme

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone van scrappage scheme provides great incentives to scrap your polluting old vehicle in Greater London. With a cash inventive of up to £9,500 available there has never been a better time to scrap your vehicle with


A SORN is a Statutory Off Road Notification and is the declaration to the DVLA that you have removed the vehicle from the public roads. There are several reasons why you might make a SORN and also several legal requirements to be aware of. Here, we talk about the topic and explore the what, why and how of SORN.

Driving in Flip Flops

Whilst driving in flips is not specifically illegal it could still land you in some hot water. We discuss the subject and elaborate on why your choice of footwear matters.

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The process of vehicle recycling

What happens in a car recycling facility? It’s a good question – after all, most cars are just forgotten about when they make their final journey on the back of a recovery vehicle.

Stephen Kelly

MOT checklist and guide

For most of us, an MOT can be unknown territory – and it’s sometimes a worrying time that can end with an unexpected outlay to keep your car on the road.

Stephen Kelly

How much is my car worth?

Are you trying to work out a car’s value? There’s a good chance that finding out what a particular car is worth is giving you a bit of a headache – after all, there are so many different places to look.

Stephen Kelly

Everything you need to know about comprehensive car insurance

Even the safest and most experienced drivers on the road can become involved in a traffic accident, and when they do it’s good to know you’re covered. If you’re injured or your car needs repairs to get it back on the move, it’s a comfort knowing you’ve got a policy in place that means you won’t have to come up with large sums of money at short notice. However, when an accident involves other motorists as well, it can be worthwhile having a policy that helps out with any potential costs to a third party’s vehicle as well as your own.

Stephen Kelly