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Electric cars could form battery hubs to store renewable energy

As consumers, our energy needs fluctuate enormously depending on the day of the week and the time of the day. For energy companies, this creates an interesting problem – when electricity is consistently produced; how can you store excesses to be used at peak times?

Stephen Kelly

VW and Ford in self-driving electric car pact

The motor industry is used to seeing Ford and Volkswagen going head-to-head when it comes to technology developments and the sales that follow – but that’s about to change.

Stephen Kelly

Ford launches ‘Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC’

The Ford Motor Company has announced the launch of its new organisation that is to be responsible for the research and development of automated vehicles, with a view to aggressively expand its place within the AV market. To companies like Google, Uber and now Ford, self driving vehicles are being seen as something of a Holy Grail, with the two tech companies spending huge amounts of money and effort on what many other companies considered to be little more than a pet project.

Stephen Kelly

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We review the 2019 Hyundai Ioniq

Here is quick look at our Hyundai Ioniq review, giving you the lowdown if you’re looking for a cost-savvy hybrid for the eco-friendly motorist.

Stephen Kelly

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What to do if you can’t get car finance

If you have a poor credit history or have suffered a bankruptcy in the past, you may experience some difficulty in securing a car finance agreement. However, there are multiple lenders willing to offer you the chance to pay for your car in monthly instalments and many ways available to boost your credit score and improve your chances of being accepted.

Stephen Kelly

Will I be accepted for car insurance?

Whether or not you’ll be offered a car insurance policy will depend on your individual circumstances. This can include your age, safety record, credit history and the way you’ve managed your insurance policies previously.

Stephen Kelly

Is gap insurance worth it?

Gap insurance is designed to work alongside your standard car insurance. It’s additional cover that can assist you financially if something unfortunate should happen to your car. If your new, or even second hand, vehicle is stolen or involved in a traffic accident, resulting in it being written off, then gap car insurance will ensure you don’t face a loss.

Stephen Kelly

What car gap insurance should I buy?

Gap insurance covers you for the ‘gap’ between the maximum value of your vehicle and the amount your car insurance company will pay you if your car were stolen or had to be written off.

Stephen Kelly

Whose number plate is this?

Number plates, sometimes referred to as vehicle registration plates, have been used in the UK since 1904. The Motor Car Act of 1903, that became law the following year, required all motorised vehicles to be enrolled officially in the Vehicle Register and made it compulsory for them to all carry number plates. This law was passed to make sure the authorities could trace vehicles easily if they were involved in illegal activity or a road accident.

Stephen Kelly

How does gap insurance work?

Guaranteed Asset Protection or ‘gap’ car insurance is a type of policy designed to be used in conjunction with your standard car insurance. Gap insurance was first conceived to cover the potential financial losses of car owners if their vehicle experiences certain unfortunate circumstances. For example, if a car is so badly damaged in a road accident that it can’t be repaired and must be written off, or if you are a victim of theft and your car is stolen, a gap insurance policy can assist the owner in reclaiming the full financial investment they made when they first purchased it.

Stephen Kelly

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How much is my car worth?

Are you trying to work out a car’s value? There’s a good chance that finding out what a particular car is worth is giving you a bit of a headache – after all, there are so many different places to look.

Stephen Kelly

Used car warranties explained

Each year more than a million vehicles are rendered unprotected when their original manufacturer's warranty expires. When this happens, car owners become exposed to the risk of expensive repair costs coming out of the blue and running up bills that range from hundreds to even thousands of pounds.

Stephen Kelly

Multi-car insurance explained

Multi-car insurance is a cost-effective option offered by most car insurers that typically covers up to five vehicles on a single policy.

Stephen Kelly

A guide to cancelling car insurance

Cancelling your car insurance policy is always possible, but how this affects you financially will depend on when you cancel and the terms and conditions of your insurance provider.

Stephen Kelly

Everything you need to know about comprehensive car insurance

Even the safest and most experienced drivers on the road can become involved in a traffic accident, and when they do it’s good to know you’re covered. If you’re injured or your car needs repairs to get it back on the move, it’s a comfort knowing you’ve got a policy in place that means you won’t have to come up with large sums of money at short notice. However, when an accident involves other motorists as well, it can be worthwhile having a policy that helps out with any potential costs to a third party’s vehicle as well as your own.

Stephen Kelly

How to sell a private number plate

For many car owners here in the UK, acquiring a personalised number plate adds a bespoke touch to a vehicle, for others it’s a statement of status and success, while some use them to mark an occasion. The royal family is no exception with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge pulling away from their wedding in a car bearing the plate “JU5T WED”. In the last 25 years, the UK has seen a boom in the trade of personalised plates with the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) making a small fortune for the Treasury in sales, not to mention the rare and famous plates that sell at auction for staggering sums.

Stephen Kelly