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Suffix number plates

Issued between 1963 and 1983, suffix registrations always start with three letters and end in a year identifying letter, with between one and three numbers appearing before the year identifier. This range never contain the letters I or Z.

Why choose to buy suffix number plates?

Suffix plates are registration marks with the year of issue represented by a letter at the end of the plate. So, registrations like ‘ABC 123D’ become possible.

Although these plates were around for 30 years - only a limited number of letters were ever used, making them slightly more exclusive than some other personalised plates today.

Since suffix plates start with three letters, they can be an effective way of spelling out names, interests, jobs, and a host of other words. Although many suffix plates follow a three letters, three numbers, one letter format – there are one and two-digit numbers available too – making registrations like ‘BOX 3R’, ‘MAG 1C’, and ‘SUF 11X’ possible.

Suffix number plates are a great way to create unique words or phrases for your vehicle – why not explore what’s possible?

Ford Fiesta Active - Reliability

Why buy suffix number plates?

On modern vehicles, a suffix plate disguises the true age of the car and gives you a completely unique, personalised look.

Of course, a personal plate can is also a thoughtful gift for someone you love – and if you choose the right registration, it could be an incredible investment too!