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Dateless & cherished number plates

Arguably the most desirable of personalised registrations, containing between two and six characters. The oldest and most expensive registration marks ever sold fall into this category.

Why choose to buy cherished plates?

Cherished plates – sometimes called ‘dateless number plates’ are some of the most impressive private registrations you’ll see on the road.

This kind of registration dates back to 1903 – when cars were first required to display their unique identifying number. Back then, there were so few vehicles on the road that sometimes just a single letter and a single number were needed – which is how cherished plates like ‘F 1’ came to exist.

Of course, not all of these dateless plates are quite that exclusive. They can include up to three letters and three numbers – like ‘SAM 123’.

Reverse dateless plates are sometimes a more cost-effective way of putting a cherished number plate on your vehicle too. They place the numbers and letters the other way around – allowing for plates like ‘321 BEN’. You can also find reverse dateless plates with two letters and four numbers – like ‘1701 SK’

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​​​​​​​Why buy cherished plates?

A cherished plate will make any car stand out from the crowd; whether you’re buying it for your own car or as a special present for someone else.

A personalised plate will also disguise the age of your vehicle – and with just a limited number available; the right plate can make a great investment too.