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  • Cover for when your manufacturer warranty expires
  • Financial protection for used cars from expensive repair costs
  • Car hire, roadside assistance and travel costs covered as standard

What's covered in your car warranty policy

If you’re interested in taking out car warranty cover, it’s important that you understand what will be included in your policy. On the page below, you can find out more about our levels of car warranty and what’s covered.

What’s covered?

At, we understand how much of a hassle it can be when your car needs to be repaired. This is often accompanied by a significant bill for you to pay, which can really sting - especially if you’re not expecting it. So, to avoid being caught out like this, why not take out a car warranty with us?

Our policies have been designed to cover your vehicle in the event that something goes wrong. We can provide cover if your car stops working and requires an immediate repair or a replacement part. You’ll also be covered if a specific part isn’t working as it should (after 30 days or 1,000 miles and up to 10 years old or 100,000 miles) and it’s likely that it will break down before your policy plan expires.

We offer five different levels of car warranty coverage. Each one is based on the age of your vehicle and the mileage, meaning you won’t struggle to find a policy that’s right for you. We provide warranties suitable for vehicles up to 4 years old and 40,000 miles, right up to cars that are 12 years old with 120,000 on the clock.

Compared to other warranty cover provided, our policies include more parts. We also cover any vehicle, so regardless of the make and model of your car, meaning that you don’t need to check if your car is eligible.

Our policies provide protection up to the retail value of your car at the time you take out our warranty policy. There are no limits on how many repairs you can claim through your cover, and repairs are carried out by an approved repairer, at a main dealership or a local garage, with no contribution from you towards the costs. It’s that simple.

When you take out a warranty policy with us, you can also benefit from £250 recovery and £250 overnight hotel if it’s needed, as well as car hire up to the value of £500. Our policies also include travel expenses and unlimited protection anywhere in Europe.

A summary of what’s covered within your car warranty

A summary of what’s covered within your car warranty

To sum up, our policies for car warranty include:

  • More parts compared to other providers
  • Coverage for any make or model of car
  • Coverage for the retail value of your vehicle at the time you take out a warranty policy
  • Repairs carried out by an approved repairer, main dealer or local garage
  • No limit to the amount of repairs 
  • No need for contribution from you towards any repair costs
  • Recovery up to the value of £250
  • Overnight hotel stay up to the value of £250
  • Car hire up to the value of £500
  • Travel expenses
  • Protection anywhere in Europe
  • No jargon you won’t understand

There are literally tens of thousands of mechanical and electrical parts which go into making a typical car, van or 4×4 and at any point could go wrong, which is why you need to go with a warranty provider that covers all of them!

We do our very best to provide warranties for all vehicles. However, there are a few exceptions that we cannot provide cover for. They include:

  • Any Vehicle without a current MoT VT20 Certificate. Any vehicle privately imported from outside of the EU and not originally supplied via the manufacturer’s EU authorised dealer.
  • Any Vehicle inaccurately described within your Application, on Your Plan Schedule or which contradicts your Vehicle's V5 registration document or service history record.
  • Any Vehicle where documentary proof shows that the mileage/distance reading has been altered or interfered with and is in reality significantly higher than displayed.
  • Any Vehicle (prior to the date of repair) declared as an insurance category A, B or S (formerly C) insurance write-off or stolen and recovered or any category N without our express permission.
  • Any Vehicle used within a hire or reward business including, but not limited to: taxis, driving schools, lease and rental vehicles.
  • Any motor car, box van or camper van, more than 3500 kgs MTPLM, motor home more than 7500 kgs MTPLM, touring caravan more than 8 metres in overall length and 1850kgs MTPLM or 2 wheeled motor cycles more than 1800cc engine capacity.
  • Any Vehicle used in any competition, race, rally or track day event, off road or any previous public service vehicle such as a bus or police, ambulance, fire or military.
  • Any Vehicle modified from the manufacturer’s approved specification.
  • Any Vehicle where ‘you’ are the owner, proprietor or director of a motor trade business, vehicle auction, repair garage, vehicle leasing, hire or rental company.

Note: If after Your Plan is established any of the above circumstances come to light, unless we have made special provision which is noted on Your Plan Schedule, Your Plan will be cancelled and all charges refunded less any previously authorised Repair Costs, Independent Vehicle Examiner costs and the Cancellation Fee.

Why choose our preferred car warranty provider

  • Cover that starts from day 1
  • Car hire included with every plan
  • Recovery & roadside assistance included
  • Unlimited number of repairs
  • Parts replaced in pairs
  • No charge for betterment
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