Pre-purchase vehicle inspection

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We’re certain we help provide the best pre-purchase used car inspection service in the UK.

  • Up to 143 vehicle check points
  • Road test
  • Anywhere. Anytime.
  • Upto 50% cheaper then similiar services

How does Pre-purchase vehicle inspections work

Before you buy your next car, we’ll send an independent vehicle inspection professional to produce a full report on its condition and history. If there’s anything you’re not being told – we’ll find it in accordance with the level of service that you order.

How vehicle inspections work - Step 1

Step 1

Where is the car?

We carry out pre-purchase car checks at the location that suits you

When you book your inspection, you won’t have to bring the vehicle to us. Instead, we’ll complete our full vehicle inspection wherever the car is based – even if that’s on a driveway, at a workplace, or in a dealership.
How vehicle inspections work - Step 2

Step 2

Inspection and road worthiness

Up to 143 points are checked depending on the service ordered

Our multi-point vehicle inspection covers key areas of the car. What’s more, we’ll provide pictures when you choose premium, so we can explain any issues the vehicle has in full detail. This allows you to make a fully informed decision about the car.
How vehicle inspections work - Step 3

Step 3

Road test check

Not only do we check the car whilst it is stationary - we also conduct a road test and report on it accordingly

Worried about how the car may drive? Our professional service looks to protect you and help you make an informed decision. We use a road test to also find any issues.
How vehicle inspections work - Step 4

Step 4

Used vehicle inspection report

Our used car vehicle inspection report leaves no stone unturned

We produce a leading pre-purchase car inspection report that also represents great value for money. We’ll provide information on the engine, interior, exhaust, electrics, brakes, fuel system, suspension, transmission – and much more, in accordance with the level of inspection you book.