Check a car's MOT status & MOT history

Wondering when your MOT due date is? Keen to check the MOT history of a car you’re buying? We’ve got you covered.

What's included in the FREE MOT history check?

At, our MOT checker covers everything you need to know – whether you’re wondered when your MOT is due, or checking the MOT history and status of another vehicle.

The date of the MOT test & due date
mot date
The MOT status & test result
test results
The mileage recorded at the time of testing
mot mileage
A list of advisory notices issued during the test
notice mot
Any reasons for refusal of an MOT test certificate
MOT certificate expiry date

Check MOT history and current MOT status with's free car check

If you need to check if a car is taxed, the online DVLA tax check has got you covered – but where can you turn for an MOT check? Or to check a vehicle’s MOT history?

At, we only need a registration number from you; then we’ll provide a huge amount of MOT information relating to the vehicle you’ve searched for. Wondering when the MOT expires? No problem. Want to check why an MOT was refused? Again, no problem.

In fact, you can even check the date of the MOT, the mileage that was recorded when the MOT was carried out, and a list of defects or advisory notices issued at the time.

Whether you’ve simply forgotten when your next MOT is due, or you’d like to verify the information you’ve been given about a car you’re planning to buy; we can help.

Our MOT checking service could save you a lot of money too – even accidentally driving without an MOT could lead a hefty fine or your car being impounded, and buying a vehicle with an unknown history could lead to a string of expensive repairs. Avoid unnecessary costs and complications with our free online MOT check.

Man doing a Car MOT Check

Uncovering any hidden vehicle history

An MOT check is a great way to check whether the information you’re being told about a vehicle adds up. 

For example; according to industry authorities, 1 in every 20 vehicles sold has a mileage discrepancy – an odometer reading that doesn’t seem to match the car’s history. Without previous MOT certificates, this can be difficult to prove – so a free MOT check will mean you can take a digital look back over every certificate issued and check to make sure there’s been adjustments or errors made.

Which vehicles are MOT exempt?

Some vehicles don’t require an MOT – so don’t be surprised if you see a limited or missing MOT history for the following vehicles:

Cars and motorbikes over 40 years old
car and bikes
Pre-March 2015 Electric good vehicles
electric goods and vehicles
Tractors & agricultural vehicles

Frequently asked questions

We’ve covered some common customer queries here – but you’re welcome to get in touch if you need to know more.

An MOT (Ministry of Transport) test check is a service designed to give owners or potential owners an insight into the MOT history of a car. An MOT check lets you know the MOT expiry date, the first MOT date, each MOT test result, the mileage recorded on each MOT, along with any failure or advisory notices.

Yes. As well as being able to check vehicle tax, you can now also carry out an MOT check online. To use our service, we simply need the registration number of the car you’re hoping to check.

Yes. With just a registration number, the police can automatically check car tax and perform a DVLA MOT check against any vehicle. If you are found to be driving a car with no MOT, you could face a maximum fine of £1000.

Yes. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras can perform instant car MOT checks, road tax checks, and even cross-reference a vehicle against a national insurance database. You don’t have to be stopped for a camera to register your car either, they’re fitted in thousands of static locations around the UK, and on-board many police vehicles.

If you can’t remember or can’t find paperwork showing your MOT due date, you’ll be able to check it using our service. Simply enter your registration number, and you’ll be able to see a breakdown of MOT information about your car, including when the next test is due.

You can check the MOT and tax status of a vehicle online. At, you can check your MOT status by entering your registration number. You’ll then get to see a huge range of MOT information about your vehicle, including whether or not it has an MOT, when the MOT is due, and the mileage recorded on your last test.

When you check your car MOT history online, you’ll be able to see major defects and advisory notice items. Advisory items won’t mean your car fails its MOT, but they generally indicate work that will be required in the near future or before the next MOT is carried out.

Simple! Use our above service on by entering your vehicle registration. We will then look up DVLA records and advise when MOT is due.

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