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Compare Lotus insurance costs for all models

Lotus is one of the most renowned British sports car manufacturers – with a host of iconic designs and historic motorsport successes under the brand’s belt. There aren’t many cheap Lotus insurance deals out there – but at, we can connect you with a range of specialists who’ll help you find great value cover for every Lotus model.

The cheapest Lotus to insure is likely to be the front-engine, front-wheel-drive Elan that Lotus produced between 1989 and 1995. Now a classic design and often suitable for classic policies, the Elan is often a more cost-effective car to run than some of it’s more powerful and initially more costly siblings. Soon after production of the Elan finished, the Elise took to UK roads – and while the Elise range started with a modest 118bhp, this translated to some serious speed and handling in the car’s lightweight frame. This power to weight ratio was upped again when the Elise S launched, adding an extra 100bhp to a redesigned car from 2013 onwards.

Before the Elise S hit UK roads, the higher-powered version of the Elise was the Exige, a mini-supercar that was just as at home on the track as it was on the motorway. Naturally, lightning-quick performance and superb handling made these exciting cars – but quite costly to insure, especially if you opted for the 3.5-litre V6 option. That said, if you’re hoping for scorching performance without a supercar price tag, the Evora might be the Lotus for you – with slightly more subtle styling and the same kind of increased power output as you find in the Exige.

While road-going policies are likely to suffice for most Lotus drivers, if you’re the owner of a 2-Eleven, you might need a policy that covers some track use too. Whether you’re tearing around a circuit – or just taking it steady through town; we’ll find a policy that’s ideal for you and your pocket.

Compare Lotus insurance costs for all models

Lotus classic car insurance

If you’re the owner of a classic Lotus – perhaps an Elan or an Esprit, we realise it’s probably not a car that you use for trips to the supermarket. As such, you can find cover that’s right for your circumstances.

Whether you’re in the process of restoration – or regularly taking your cars to shows and events, we’ll help you to find cover that suits you and your Lotus – and reflects the true market value of your vehicle.

We don’t just deliver outstanding Lotus car insurance prices; we ensure every policy we find comes loaded with a range of money-saving benefits.
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Cover that starts from day 1

All the benefits of your policy start the moment you take out cover on your Lotus.

Car on rental hire

Car hire included with every plan

Even if your Lotus’s off the road, we make sure you’ve still got wheels.

Roadside Recovery vehicle towing car

Recovery and roadside assistance included

Breakdown cover included on leading plans.

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Get an instant Lotus insurance quote now

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You might not think that finding insurance for your Lotus is something that could benefit charities around the UK – but when you use, it is. 

When you use our tools to find outstanding prices from Lotus insurance specialists, you help us to continue our support of organisations that are doing incredible work with some of society’s most vulnerable people.

From adult training schemes to food redistribution networks – the work we support makes a real difference to people’s lives.

We don’t expect you to get excited about insuring your car – but at the very least, you get to know it’s helping to make a difference in local communities.