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Although Fiats have featured on UK roads for a long time, the Italian brand’s popularity rocketed when it released a quirky new version of the 500 in 2007. This retro-inspired re-imagining of a timeless classic coincided with the 50th anniversary of the original design – although sales of the new 500 have far surpassed those of the original.

With a modest price tag when new and a series of small and economical engines, it’s no surprise to find that the 500 is the cheapest Fiat to insure – making it ideal for learners and first car owners to get a quote. Following the success of the new 500, Fiat has gone on to release the 500X - an SUV version of the car; the 500L – a more spacious 5 door MPV version; and the 500C – a convertible with a soft top. With similar engine options throughout, each version of the popular 500 represents reasonable premiums.

Of course, the 500 isn’t Fiat’s only iconic small car. The Panda has also recently been reinvented, after spending much of the ‘80s as a versatile 4x4 that was a favourite with police forces around the country. The third-generation Panda is also a 4x4, making it a fairly unique, all-weather supermini – and small engine sizes twinned with modest performance makes it a Fiat that occupies the lower insurance groups too.

Although they’re no longer in production, there are still a lot of Puntos on the pre-owned market – and their age and reduced costs make them a good candidate if you’re looking for cheap insurance. The standard Punto is a mid-sized hatchback, but the Punto Evo adds a little sporty flair, and the Grande Punto offered a bit more space compared to the standard car.

Whether you’re looking at a fully comprehensive policy; third party, fire and theft, third party only – or business cover for the burly Fiat Fullback – we’ll show you a deal that fits the bill.

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If you’ve got a classic Fiat, we understand that it’s probably not going to be used in the same way a new 500 or Punto would be.

As such, we’ll help you to find cover from a panel of specialists – tailored to you and your car. Are you in the process of restoration? Or are you heading for specialist shows and track days? Whatever your exact requirements, we’ll help you find cost-effective insurance cover.

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