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Since their introduction to the UK market in 2013, Dacia cars have made quite an impact – and a big part of that impact has been thanks to their low purchase prices and very economical running costs. 

While lower-powered engines and modest styling mean all Dacias occupy the lower insurance groups, the cheapest new Dacia to purchase and insure is the Sandero. Don’t let a low purchase price make you think Dacias can’t hold their own in the security stakes though – as all models are as good as more costly cars in industry tests.

Both the Sandero and its chunkier SUV relative the Sandero Stepway come with either 75bhp or 95bhp engines – so while performance isn’t lightning fast, insurance premiums are kept very low. The same can be said for the Logan MCV and Logan MCV Stepway too – despite being bigger vehicles perfectly capable of moving 5 adults and a large cargo load, the biggest engine in the range is a 95bhp diesel unit – so insurance costs are generally very affordable. 

If you’re looking for a Dacia with a little more flair than the Logan or the Sandero, the Duster range is well worth exploring. This tough-looking little SUV is actually very capable of handling some light off-road duty, which is more than can be said for many SUVs on the UK market. While lower-spec models are sometimes criticised for lacking equipment – purchase prices that begin at just under £11,000 make basic trim levels understandable. Of course, like the other Dacias, the Duster won’t hurt your pocket when you’re looking for insurance quotes either – although the 150bhp higher-spec versions do attract slightly higher premiums than the more basic cars.

Whichever Dacia you decide on, you’ll be able to provide a range of quotes from a huge panel of insurers that’ll suit you, your car, and your driving style perfectly.

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Get an instant Dacia insurance quote now

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When you buy your insurance through our site, the finances it generates helps us support a range of charity projects; from food banks and supported living homes to adult employment schemes and crime reduction initiatives.

There are other ways to find insurance for your Dacia – but if you want to be certain that you’re getting the best possible deal and helping some of the country’s most vulnerable people, is the only choice.