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A major Department of Transport study recently showed that the average driver travels around 7,150 miles each year. On top of this, it’s not uncommon for some motorists to do 10,000, or even 20,000+ miles in their vehicles annually. However, at, we understand that there are millions of drivers who cover just a fraction of these miles/

If your car rarely does more than a few miles at a time, you might be surprised to find that your average annual mileage is much lower than most insurers consider to be normal – and this is a good thing, because less time spent in your car generally means insurers consider you less likely to be involved in any kind of accident. As a result, car insurance for low mileage drivers is often much lower than usual. When you take out a quote through us, you can select your annual mileage.

As well low miles bringing your premiums down, many low mileage drivers opt for telematics or ‘black box’ insurance quotes too. A black box policy will involve a small device being fitted in your vehicle – sending back information about your driving to your insurer. Further reduced premiums are awarded to people who either use their vehicles only during off-peak times, drive more cautiously or safely, or agree to only drive between certain hours. 

Of course, telematics boxes aren’t for everyone – and low mileage policies are often sought by people with high-performance vehicles that see only weekend or occasional use. Even if you’re the owner of a high-performance vehicle, you might find that your premiums can be significantly reduced owing to your limited mileage.

Whichever vehicle you drive, if you cover just a small number of miles each year, you can find perfect quotes – and you’ll be able to choose from fully comprehensive policies – or a range of even more cost-effective third party, or third party, fire and theft quotes.

We’ll help you get the best car insurance for low mileage drivers

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We know that not everyone likes to buy insurance over the internet – so that’s why we’ve got a team of friendly and helpful advisors that are always happy to help you find quotes over the phone. We’ll provide the same outstanding prices – and we can get you set up straight away.

We don’t just help find suitable prices; we make sure every policy is packed full of helpful features:
full auto insurance that starts on day 1

Cover that starts from day 1

All your benefits are available from the moment your policy begins

Car on rental hire

Car hire included on leading plans

Car off the road? We’ll make sure you’ve still got transport

Roadside Recovery vehicle towing car

Recovery and roadside assistance

Breakdown cover is often included, so you never have to worry

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Get an instant low mileage insurance quote now

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Few people think that insurance comparison sites can provide life-changing support for people in local communities – but, that’s exactly what we strive to do here at 

When you use our service to find great low mileage insurance policies, the funds you help us to generate mean we can continue our support of charities and good causes, both in the UK and overseas. 

The support you’re helping to provide makes a very real difference to people’s lives in communities just like yours.