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We understand that many UK drivers have previous driving offences – so we can help you find competitive car insurance for convicted drivers.

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We’ll help you to track down specialist drink driving insurance quotes – as well as car insurance for previously banned or disqualified drivers.

Get cheap insurance for convicted drivers

If you’ve got or previously had a conviction for a driving offence, shopping for car insurance can be a frustrating experience. Not only have you already faced fixed-penalty or criminal charges, you’re likely to find significantly increased premiums from many insurance providers. At, the comparison service can search an extensive panel of specialist insurance providers to find cheap car insurance – even for previous drink drivers or convicted drivers.

Since driving convictions can stay on your driving licence for between 4 and 11 years from the date of the offence, there’s a strong possibility that you have been safely driving for a significant period after the offence took place – and, as such, the comparison service will do everything possible to find insurance cover that reflects this.

Although you will find cover that suits your specific circumstances, the comparison service can help you find policies for people who have been convicted of IN10 offences (using an uninsured vehicle); DR10/DR20/DR30 and other drink-related offences; failure to provide information leading to MS90 convictions, and TT99 convictions (disqualification through ‘totting-up’ of other offence points) – as well as many others.

Of course, where the insurers can provide cover, make sure you have the option of fully comprehensive policies – as well as reduced cost third party only, and third party, fire and theft plans. The comparison service can also provide cheaper premiums for people who are willing to take a telematics policy – where a black box device is fitted to your car – rewarding off-peak use and safe driving.

Whether you’ve been convicted of relatively minor driving offences – or you’ve faced more serious convictions, the comparison service will do everything possible to make sure you can still find affordable cover – keeping you safely motoring.

Get cheap insurance for convicted drivers

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While most insurance comparison services insist that you find quotes online – we like to do things a little differently here at If you’d prefer to talk to one of our experienced team, you can call us – and we’ll offer the same outstanding quotes you’d find using our website.

As well as helping you get a great price policy; the comparison tool will help you get a range of additional benefits too:
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Get an instant convicted driver insurance quote now

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You might not think of insurance comparison services and charity work as being closely linked – but at, they are.

When you call or use the comparison service to find your next insurance policy, the funds it helps us to generate mean we can provide life-changing support for a number of charity projects - both in the UK and beyond.

From programs that help offenders to find meaningful work after release, to food redistribution services that help prevent hunger through poverty – using means you’re helping to make a big difference to real people’s lives.