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Looking for the cheapest car insurance for over 80-year-olds?

Despite there currently being over 1 million drivers over the age of 80, some insurance providers decide not to offer insurance to people over certain ages. However, at, we believe that getting older shouldn’t mean you have to hang up your keys and put an end to the independence that owning and driving a car offers.

As such, we work with a number of mainstream and specialist providers who find excellent value auto insurance for seniors over the age of 80. In fact, some of our providers have no upper age limit – so as long as the DVLA are happy confident in your driving ability – so are we. 

When drivers get older, the desire for performance from a vehicle tends to be replaced by a desire for comfort and refinement – so you’ll often find cheaper over 80s car insurance when you’re looking at smaller, more gently powered vehicles, such as the Ford Fiesta, the Kia Picanto, the Vauxhall Viva, and the Suzuki Ignis.

That said, getting older often means you’ve got an increasing number of family members to squeeze into a car – so, if you’re hoping for a bit more space, you might want to look at the Citroen C4 Cactus, the SEAT Arona, or the Honda HR-V – each of which come with plenty of safety features and won’t send insurance premiums sky-high.

Whichever vehicle is right for you, the comparison service can provide an outstanding range of quotes – from fully comprehensive policies – through to more cost-effective third party or third party, fire and theft cover. You can even find black box policies that reward more cautious drivers with reduced policy prices.

Get the best car insurance for over 80s now

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As well as helping you get an outstanding policy price; the comparison tool will help you get a range of additional benefits too:
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Get an instant over 80s insurance quote now

Get an instant over 80s insurance quote now

With just a few details from you – we’ll return amazing prices for your next car insurance policy.’s insurance service supports charity work

Although charity work and car insurance aren’t things people generally think work hand-in-hand, it’s exactly what we do here at

When you purchase your next policy either through our website or over the phone, part of the money it helps us to generate will be used to continue our support of charity work around the UK and beyond.

From food redistribution services to adult training programmes, the partner charities we work alongside make a real difference to people’s lives – and, in doing so, help to reduce the significant strain on taxpayer-funded services like the NHS, social housing provisions, and the emergency services.