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With just a few details, you can browse the best car insurance deals for you through the comparison service.

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With just a few details from you, you can access the comparison service to find great deals from Motor Quote Direct.

Get the best MotorQuoteDirect car insurance prices today

MotorQuoteDirect is a UK based broker who specialises in great value car insurance quotes. If you’re hoping to track down an unbeatable price for your vehicle’s cover, we’ll help you compare prices – and we’ll include the best prices from MotorQuoteDirect!

The quote process couldn’t be simpler. We’ll need a few details about you, your car, your driving, and your address – then we’ll gather the best prices from our huge network of insurers and brokers – before presenting them to you.

Low prices don’t always mean good value – so rather than simply give you a list of prices to choose from, you’ll be able to explore what each policy offers on top of the standard insurance perks. When you compare MotorQuoteDirect quotes – you’ll see a range of great value additions and benefits.

On top of an always excellent level of customer service, MotorQuoteDirect users can add windscreen protection, excess protection, legal cover, protected no claims – and much more.

Of course, it’s not just experienced drivers that can benefit from these additions, MotorQuoteDirect also provide learner driver insurance, policies designed for women, student car insurance, young driver policies – and much more! In fact, you’ll even be able to compare prices for high-performance cars – if you’ve got a taste for speed and sporty handling!

Whichever car is right for you, MotorQuoteDirect makes it simple to build a policy that’s exactly suited to your needs. If you need any help with any part of the process – our expert team is standing by ready to help.

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Any driver insurance

There are some instances when letting any family member or friend hop in your car is helpful – and MotorQuoteDirect can work around that need.

With any driver insurance, you’ll pay a slightly higher premium – but you’ve got the peace of mind that anyone who drives your vehicle is covered should they run into problems. 

MotorQuoteDirect has a reputation for providing insurance policies that come packed with outstanding benefits – so that’s exactly what you’ll get when you compare with
24-hour UK-based claims line

All year 24/7 claims line

Accidents never happen at a convenient time, but MotorQuoteDirect will help!

UK call centre

UK call centres

Quick and simple calls – handled by staff here in the UK.

Short term cover

Short term cover

Need cover for a few days or week? No problem – MotorQuoteDirect can help.

Protected no claims

Protected no claims

Don’t lose your discount is you have a bump – MotorQuoteDirect can safeguard your discount.

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Get an instant MotorQuoteDirect quote now

Give us a few details about you and your vehicle – then we’ll find unbeatable cover from MotorQuoteDirect now.

Your insurance policy will help good causes around the UK

You might not think of car insurance and charity work going hand-in-hand – but at, we do.

When you arrange your MotorQuoteDirect insurance through our service, you’re directly helping us to support a range of partner charities as part of our social value programme. 

From supported living homes for people who might otherwise have no roof over their head – to HMP Academies that help to reduce crime rates in local communities; our support extends across the UK and beyond.

We deliver unbeatable insurance quotes to you – and life-saving support for a range of amazing charities.