Jaguar celebrates 70 years of sports cars with a Chequered Flag Special Edition F-Type


At the London Earl’s Court Motorshow in 1948, a true British icon was born. The XK120 was the first true Jaguar sports car – a beautiful open 2-seater built around a 3.4-litre engine, and it’s 160bhp made it the fastest production car in the world.

70 years later, Jaguar still produces jaw-droppingly attractive cars capable of astounding performance – so what better way to celebrate this special anniversary than with a special edition F-Type – packed with style and power.

The Chequered Flag Special Edition

The Chequered Flag Special Edition is based on the F-Type R-Dynamic Coupe and Convertible – and it comes with a range of four- and six-cylinder engines, ranging from a modest but capable 300PS, up to 340PS and 380PS V6s that provide the kind of roar you’d expect.

A year after the XK120 was released, a prototype car with a passenger-side tonneau cover clocked an incredible 135mph overseen by officials on an empty Belgian motorway. Jaguar has given a subtle nod to this driver-focused experience with what’s described as a “1+1” cabin – a series of visual enhancements put your driver experience at the very heart of the Chequered Flag Special Edition car. 

Visual drama

A black contrast roof sets the racing atmosphere, and the plush Windsor Leather interior means you’ll never forget the Jaguar is as much about luxury as performance. 

Performance seats with embossed headrests and a brushed aluminium centre console give the interior a racing edge – and, if you were in any doubt about Jaguar’s racing heritage, there’s a chequered flag logo and a red leather centre band on the steering wheel marking that all-important 12 o’clock racing position.

The Jaguar Chequered Flag Special Edition

Perfectly proportioned

Over the years, Jaguar’s design teams have rarely failed to produce beautiful silhouettes. The E-Type is one of the most iconic sports cars of all time – and the XK120 isn’t far behind. The F-Type is every bit as perfectly designed as both of these stunning race cars – with an almost magical set of proportions that guide an admiring eye over the flowing lines as easily as the rushing wind at 150mph. 

As such, it’s probably no surprise to discover that the F-type has won 174 awards to date – including the prestigious World Car Design of the Year. To accentuate this award-winning form, the F-type’s available in Caldera Red, Fuji White, or Carpathian Grey – each sitting on a set of stunning diamond-turned gloss black 20-inch wheels.

21st-century technology

Back in 1948, the Jaguar team were pushing technological boundaries, adjusting gear ratios and experimenting with cutting edge aerodynamics to the XK120 to peak performance. Today, things are no different – but it’s the way the F-Type handles that’s now setting the standard. 

A truly exceptional sports car doesn’t just need to be fast in a straight line – it’s got to handle with the best too. Jaguar’s all-wheel drive system and Intelligent Drive Dynamics keep the brand at the forefront of vehicle agility – after all, an iconic British sportscar needs to hold its own in iconic British weather...