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Scrap your car in West Sussex with free collection

Don’t fancy the hassle of getting your car to a scrap yard? Don’t worry! We’ll arrange to have your car collected from any location.

The best car scrap yards in West Sussex

We know scrapping a car isn’t something most people do very often – so we work with professional scrap dealers who keep the process quick, simple, and friendly!

Looking for the best scrap car prices in West Sussex?

Great service and great prices from scrap car dealers right across West Sussex!

We take the stress out of scrapping your car

Scrapping a car can sometimes feel like an intimidating job. Where will you get the best price? How will you deliver your car? Which paperwork will you need to complete?

At, we promise the whole scrapping experience will be quick, straightforward, and completely hassle-free! That commitment begins with our prices. We’ve created the UK’s largest scrap dealer network – so when you get a quote from us, you can be confident your price is the highest possible. 

Of course, it’s not just price that sets us apart from other scrapping services. We’ll arrange a free collection to fit around your schedule – and we’ll even make sure your paperwork is completed and returned to the DVLA.

What’s more, we’re always on hand if you need to talk to us using our instant messaging service. From start to finish, we’re certain there’s no better way to scrap your car anywhere in West Sussex.

Your car will help us support local good causes

Despite investment in the road infrastructure and local road safety campaigns, West Sussex sees more accidents that is average across the UK. In fact, accident numbers have increased by 11% in the last decade – forcing local authorities to spend over £114 million each year providing services to support around car crashes.

At, we want cars that have been damaged in accidents like these to give something back to local communities – so that’s exactly what we do.

When you scrap and old or accident damaged car with us, a portion of the profit it generates will be used to support charities and good causes in local communities around the UK.

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What do our customers think?

We’ve collected thousands of vehicles from across the UK – so what do some of our previous customers think of our service?

You saved me a lot of time by finding a quick quote when I needed to sell my car for scrap in the North West. Many thanks!Kai Bond - Carlisle
Brilliant service from quote to collection. Your team couldn’t have been more helpful and patient.Peter Field - Birkenhead found me the best scrap car prices in the UK. No one else came close!Samuel Turnbull - London
I thought I’d need to call around every scrap car buyer in the UK to get such a good price! Great service.Sofia Craig - Lancaster

We collect all types of scrap car

Our car scrap dealers in West Sussex are equipped to deal with a huge range of vehicles – from insurance write offs to flood-damaged cars.

Car being scrapped
  • Un-roadworthy cars
  • MOT failures
  • Junk and salvage cars
  • Fleet cars
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Damaged cars
  • Flood damaged cars
  • Non-runners
  • Part-exchange cars

How do scrap cars help us change people's lives?

At, we transform scrap cars into funding for social value projects

Scrap cars and charity work might not be two things you think go hand-in-hand – but, at, we're trying to change that.

When you choose our service to recycle your vehicle and find scrap car buyers in West Sussex – you don't just get an amazing price – you also get to know that you're directly supporting a number of social value initiatives around the country.

A portion of the profit that your car generates will go towards running:

  • HMP Academies
  • Food redistribution networks
  • Assisted living services

As well as the people who are directly supported by these initiatives, the positive impact they have on communities spreads far and wide – reducing crime rates, easing the strain on the emergency services, and allowing tax money to be channelled to the areas in which it's most urgently needed.

Directly helping charitable causes by scrapping your car

Directly helping charities and promoting positive change

Your car might have reached the end of its life on the road – but it still has a lot to offer for charities and good causes in the UK and beyond.

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By working with specialists who look for specific makes and model, we can instantly return a price that we’re certain won’t be beaten.

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  • Mercedes
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Fiat
  • Citroen
  • Audi
  • Toyota
  • Peugeot
  • Nissan
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Frequently asked questions

Got a question about scrapping your car? No problem! We’ve answered some of the most common customer queries here.

Yes. As long as the car has been accurately described, the price we’ve offered is the price you’ll be paid. No haggling involved!

An ELV is an End of Life Vehicle – the industry name given to a vehicle that’s no longer suitable for the road. Generally, vehicles become ELVs due to age-related wear and tear or damaged that’s been caused by an accident.

Yes. Our scrap partners in West Sussex have the equipment needed to move a massive range of vehicles – from agricultural vehicles to commercial vans and lorries.

Absolutely. We don’t expect cars to be in showroom condition and regularly buy cars that have lost parts in accidents. It’s worth remembering that missing wheels might impact your price slightly – but our scrap partners will certainly have the means to move your vehicle.

Of course. You’re likely to get a better price for your car with all the parts intact, but it’s no problem if you want to remove your stereo to sell or use in your next car.

Scrap car prices are based on weight – and since some cars weigh more than others, the price will also vary. That said, we’ll always look for prices from specialist scrap dealers who pay more for certain makes and models, so that could also mean you get a better price for your car compared to another vehicle.