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How To Transfer A Number Plate Online

When it comes time to scrap, sell or simply upgrade your car to a newer model, you’ll have the opportunity to retain your number plate. Perhaps it has sentimental value, or you’ve invested hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a personalised number plate, so it’s your right to keep your plate if you choose to do so.

You might be wondering how to transfer a number plate online if you’re in a rush, as the process by post can take much longer. While going on the internet is faster, you’ll still need to complete an important online form and provide supporting documentation.

There are many reasons why you might be transferring a plate to another vehicle. You might have bought a new car and want to retain your personalised plate, or be passing on your number plate to a member of your family. If you’re selling your number plate privately and handling the transaction yourself, you may also need to transfer the registration to your buyer’s vehicle. 

Whatever your reason, you’ll find all the information you seek in the following sections.

Requirements for transferring your number plate to a different vehicle

Removing a number plate from a car and assigning it to another vehicle can be carried out online, but you’ll need to be the registered keeper of both vehicles if you want to complete both tasks. You’ll also need to have log books (V5C registration documents) for both cars.

If either of the vehicles aren’t in your name, you’ll need to make your application by post

Transferring a number plate from your old car to your new one online

Transferring a vehicle registration online is the quickest and easiest way to complete the task. On the government website (, fill in the online application to have your number plate removed from your old car. If the plate you’re transferring is a personal registration, the car you remove it from will usually return to its original registration before you acquired it. When your application is complete, you’ll be given a reference code that you should keep for the next part of the process. Your registration number will be removed immediately.

The next step is to assign your number plate to your new car. Again fill in the online application form and then quote the reference code when applicable. Once accepted, you can fit your plates.

Online applications can be made between 7am and 7pm and carry a fee of £80. Remember to contact your insurance provider to let them know that your number plate has changed to problems regarding your vehicle cover.

Transferring a number plate from a car that belongs to you to one that doesn’t

Whether in a sale to a buyer or gifting your number plate to a friend or family member, if you don’t possess the vehicle you’re transferring a plate to, you can only apply by post.

You’ll need the V5C registration log book for both cars and the details of both yourself and the other driver to complete the V317 application form. Enclose a cheque for £80 along with the log books.

The provides full details of the process and will direct you to complete the correct documentation.

Other related FAQs

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To transfer a private number plate to a new car, you will need to complete a V317 form. This applies whether you’re transferring the plate to another car in your name, a vehicle you’re purchasing or to someone else’s car.

If you are transferring a personalised number plate from one vehicle to another, and you are the owner of both, you can complete the transfer online via the DVLA website with immediate effect.

Whether it’s an interested buyer or a family member, you can transfer your number plate to another person. Up until the point the number plate is assigned to car, no vehicle documentation is necessary.

Yes, you can. The same DVLA rules apply whether you're transferring a number plate from car to car, motorbike to motorbike, or from a motorbike to a car. The process is the same for all transfers.