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Does your car warranty cover windshields?

Many people guard against this headache by buying a windscreen warranty, but even with one of these, it is important to pay attention to what exactly is covered by your warranty when it comes to windshield and window repairs.

What’s the problem with a small crack?

Any crack or chip in a windscreen is important to fix. It may only look small, and it’s obviously inconvenient to have to fix a whole windshield for a small area of damage, but cracks and chips in the glass compromise the strength of the windscreen which means it can quickly become a hazard for you or for other people.

Even if the crack does not get worse, the Highway Code and the Road Traffic Act 1988 requires a driver to have a roadworthy vehicle. A crack can cause a vehicle to fail its MOT so your car could be deemed unroadworthy for this reason. As such, even if it does not look like a big deal, sooner or later any crack is going to have to be fixed.

Does car warranty cover windscreen repairs?

If you have a new car protected by the manufacturer’s warranty, this ‘bumper-to-bumper’ protection is likely to protect your windows and windshield only if the fault can be attributed to a manufacturing defect. An independent inspector will most likely be required to make an assessment on this.

If your windscreen was chipped by an external object – and this is very common – a windshield warranty can help. These warranties typically protect all glass in the car, including sunroofs and windows. Depending on the size and positioning of the damage, they can be used to either repair the damage or replace the windscreen entirely.

What to look out for when choosing a warranty

Check that the warranty guarantees to replace the windshield with manufacturer-approved glass only. Failure to have approved glass might invalidate any other warranties you have on the vehicle.

Check that the warranty covers repairs for parts like radio antennae or heating mechanisms that will be affected by the windshield if the entire part has to be replaced.

What to check for after repair

After any repair, ask the technician to take you around the vehicle to confirm that the mouldings are secure. You will also have to take the car through a car wash or under a hose to confirm that the repair is watertight. If it isn’t, the repair must be seen to immediately.

You will also need to test the heating in the car and make sure that the new windshield can be defogged easily. Remember to verify that the windows close flush to the vehicle once they have been replaced too.

After installation, a new windscreen typically comes with a 90-day warranty, so any of these post-repair problems can be rectified easily.

Some warranties not only cover the glass but will cover the window opening mechanism too. This is important because even if the window opening mechanisms are not damaged before the repair, the repair in itself might interfere with their functioning. You should try to find a warranty which will take care of this, and at, we can help you choose the best warranty cover for your vehicle.

Other related FAQs

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If your car battery suffers an unexpected failure, then it will be covered by your warranty. However, if the alternator has come to the end of its life over time, it’s unlikely this will be covered by your policy.

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Regular servicing is the responsibility of every car owner – it not only ensures your vehicle is safe for you and others, but it also assists in maintaining its value. You might be wondering ‘does car warranty cover servicing?’ The answer is no, but although servicing is not covered by a car warranty, if an electrical or mechanical failure is discovered in your vehicle during the service, the necessary repairs should be covered.

Whether a fault with a radio is covered by a warranty will depend on the type of fault, the age of the radio, and the type of warranty under which your vehicle is protected.

The type of car warranty policy you have will determine whether turbo is covered or not.

It is possible to take out car warranty cover that includes towing in the event you need roadside assistance.

Most car warranties will cover work to repair the suspension of a vehicle should it develop a fault.

No, tyres are not covered by car warranty. These components are classified as ‘wear and tear’ items, therefore they are not included in warranty agreements.

Bodywork refers to the exterior panels and frames that make up a car. In general, it is not covered by car warranties.

A manufacturer’s warranty – often known as a bumper-to-bumper warranty – may cover any problems that emerge with your paintwork on a new vehicle.