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Provide us with few details about your used vehicle & we’ll quote you a price for complete peace of mind motoring.

  • Cover for when your manufacturer warranty expires
  • Financial protection for used cars from expensive repair costs
  • Car hire, roadside assistance and travel costs covered as standard

Does car warranty cover diagnostics?

If your car benefits from a system of electronic management, a regular diagnostics test is advised. It not only makes certain that your vehicle is safe for yourself and others on the road, but will help in maintaining its value.

While a diagnostics test itself is not covered, if an electrical or mechanical failure is revealed by the test, your warranty should cover the repairs necessary to get you up and running again. This can help to protect your finances and give you added reassurance when you arrange one of these tests.

Repairs that are covered by a warranty

It’s important to us that we offer one of the best warranties available if your diagnostics test uncovers a problem, so we’ve carried out in-depth market research to ensure we cover more parts with our high performance warranty, so you don’t have to worry.

Once you have decided on the labour rate that’s the best fit, you can pick where the work gets carried out, and for convenience, a repairer that’s local to where you live might be an ideal option. If you can’t decide on a repairer, you can ask our advice and we’ll be able to recommend one with a national account capability from our index.

Repairs without limits

Our specialist car warranty has been designed so that you have an unlimited number of repairs at your disposal if you need them. This can give you added peace of mind that if a diagnostics test picks up a problem that requires a part to be fixed or replaced, you won’t have to cover the cost. 

No contribution necessary from yourself

Repair costs for electrical or mechanical faults are assessed in full, unless you agreed when you signed up to your warranty to make a voluntary contribution. If you did this, your price would have been reduced.

Extra help

Our warranty covers your inconvenience should any repairs found in a diagnostics test result in you being unable to use your vehicle. We will provide you with up to £50 a day for up to a total term of 10 days for car hire to cover your transportation needs.

Servicing, MOT and diagnostics

It’s common for people to confuse diagnostics with servicing and MOTs. An MOT is an inspection of your car for technical safety, whereas a vehicle service examines the general wear and tear of your car and replaces both fluids and parts when it is deemed necessary.

Many modern cars now contain powerful computer processors, sensors and microchips now, and one of the quickest ways to assess the condition of your car and its parts is by an expert connecting it to a laptop and running a scan of its system.

If required, a technician will conduct a road test or give your car a visual inspection to verify any issues.

Diagnostics can be a quick and efficient way to pinpoint problems in your car. If you plan to resell your car at some point, having a complete history of regular diagnostics will increase interest from buyers and add to its price.

Getting the right cover

Here at, we keep comparing our car warranty with others to ensure it remains a market leader in delivering world class cover. If your diagnostics test reveals electrical or mechanical failures in your car, our warranty will keep you prepared for any repairs that need carrying out.

For any questions about what your warranty covers, you can arrange a call back for specialist warranty advice.

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Whether a fault with a radio is covered by a warranty will depend on the type of fault, the age of the radio, and the type of warranty under which your vehicle is protected.

If your car battery suffers an unexpected failure, then it will be covered by your warranty. However, if the alternator has come to the end of its life over time, it’s unlikely this will be covered by your policy.

No - car warranty cover does not include oil changes.

In general, car warranties do not protect you against flood damage.

Most car warranties will cover work to repair the suspension of a vehicle should it develop a fault.

Modern clutches are designed to be highly durable, but they will eventually wear down and require replacement. So, can you expect your car warranty to cover your clutch? The answer to this question depends on the particular warranty you have.

If your car is new, and still within its manufacturer’s three year 'bumper to bumper' warranty, it is highly likely that your battery will be covered.

Extended car warranties often include air conditioning, but not always. It’s important to check the details of your particular warranty agreement to see whether this feature is included.

Some car warranty policies will cover light bulbs, however others do not. It’s important to check the terms and conditions of your policy to see what’s included in your cover.

The type of car warranty policy you have will determine whether turbo is covered or not.