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Car finance calculator

I would like to borrow
To pay back over
3.5 years

Representative Example: Borrowing £5,500 over 48 months with a representative APR of 19.8%, the amount payable would be £163 a month, with a total cost of credit of £2,283 and a total amount payable of £7,783.

How much is left on my car finance?

Car finance agreements and car loans can last anything from one to seven years. We understand in making monthly payments over a lengthy period of time like this, it’s possible to lose track of just where you’re up to in terms of paying back the total cost of your car loan. You might be asking yourself ‘how much is left on my car finance?’ The simplest way to find out this information is to contact your lender, but there are other ways do to it.

Calculating the remaining amount yourself

If you want to calculate the amount left to pay on your car finance, you can work it out yourself by following these steps:

Read through your copy of the finance agreement, because all the information you need should be available. If you can’t find any of the figures you require, contact your lender for further information.

The first two items of information you require to calculate what is left on your car finance agreement are the amount you borrowed and the amount you pay back per month in your instalments, including interest.

Either by counting from the date of your first payment to the present, or reviewing your bank statements or online records, you need to count how many payments you have already made.

Add the interest you pay to your principal loan amount to find the actual amount of your loan. Multiply the total number of payments made so far by the amount you pay each month, and then subtract this figure from your loan including interest to discover what is left to pay on your car finance.

Online calculators available for your use

There are many calculators available online and they are free to use. They allow you to discover the outstanding balance of your loan. This can be a quick and straightforward way to work out what is still owed.

To utilise these calculators to find how much is left on your car finance, you will need to be know all relevant information regarding your agreement before you begin. For example, you will need to know the full amount of the loan when you took it out, how much your monthly payments are, the annual interest rate, and how many payments you have made to date. With this information, you can quickly calculate what remains to be paid on your car finance.

Settling your car finance

If you are seeking to know how much you have left to pay on your car finance because you would like to return the vehicle and end your agreement, remember you must have paid back at least 50% of your total loan. 

Should you decide to keep your car, you can pay off any outstanding amounts to end your deal – simply contact your lender for a settlement figure. The rules differ when it comes to settling car finance agreements early depending on the type of deal you have, and bear in mind you may be charged a fee for doing this. It’s wise to contact your lender to find out more about what’s involved before you make any decisions on this.

Further assistance in calculating your remaining car finance

If you have any concerns regarding your car finance and how much you still have left to pay, you can talk to our team of experts. Here at, as specialists in the auto industry, it’s our aim to assist car buyers in all aspects of finance and to provide advice and support. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide further information to ensure you’re able to make an informed, confident decision.

Other related FAQs

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The maximum age of used cars eligible for finance agreements tends to be 10 years, although there are exceptions to this.

Car finance is a loan – but it’s one that’s often secured against the vehicle you’ve decided you want. As such, it’s often viewed a little differently to a personal loan – which is not secured against anything.

When you’re applying for finance for a used car, it’s useful to have the relevant supporting documents such as information on your vehicle of choice, your financial details and proof of address and income. You may also need a deposit.

Car loans can be secured or unsecured, depending on the type of agreement you get.

Yes, certain lenders will consider offering finance for a vehicle that is sold privately.

Car loans for used cars vary in length. Terms are typically between 12 and 60 months.

Buying a used car with a finance agreement can be a good option. As with any financial agreement though, it’s always important to check the details carefully and to consider the pros and cons.

Your ‘settlement figure’ is the amount that the car finance company require to pay off your finance in full. Since this changes as interest is added and as payments are made, requested settlement figures are usually only valid for a short time.

Car finance agreements don’t tend to include insurance as standard, but there are packages available that do.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember who your car finance is with. You can find out by checking your paperwork, looking at who you make your payment to through your bank, or calling the dealership you bought your car from.