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Are you wondering “where can I scrap my car in Aberdeen?” If so, we can help. Not only will we get you the very best price for your car, we’ll have it collected too – saving you a lot of hard work.

We’ll collect your scrap car from locations right across Aberdeen

It doesn’t matter where you’re located; if you’ve got a scrap car in Aberdeen or the surrounding area, we can arrange collection at a time that’s perfect for you.

A range of scrap car collection partners in Aberdeen will maximise the amount you get for your car by working with a number of Aberdeen car scrap collection partners.

Are you searching for a car scrap yard in Aberdeen?

We work hard to remove the hassle involved with scrapping your car. With there’s no need to deliver your car to a scrap yard; we collect, and we handle all the official paperwork.

Always the best price for your scrap car in Aberdeen

How do we compare to other scrap car dealers in Aberdeen? is different

We do our very best to make sure you come first throughout our hassle-free car scrapping process. We strive to offer the best scrap car prices in Aberdeen – and we can do this because we only work with trustworthy and efficient scrap collection partners. For you, this means you never just get the first price we find; you get the very best price.

With you don’t have to worry about waiting for valuations and callbacks from scrap dealers in Aberdeen – and there’s none of the stress that’s involved with completing official paperwork, arranging delivery or waiting for your payment.

If you’re looking to scrap your car in Aberdeen, we’ll get you an outstanding price. What’s more, we’ll also provide a quick and convenient car collection service. We can collect from any location at a time that’s right for you.

Turning accidents into opportunities

In recent years, Aberdeen’s road safety record has been one of the worst in Scotland, due in part to the notoriously dangerous A90 cutting through the city. As a result, Aberdeen sees more cars written off than any other Scottish city – but can use cars like these to change people’s lives.

By using when you want to scrap your car for cash in Aberdeen, you’re helping to support Recycling Lives – a waste management and recycling organisation that helps to deliver important resources for local communities. From food redistribution networks to HMP Academies, not only do you get an excellent price for your car, you’ll know you’re supporting a number of important welfare projects across the country.

Types of scrap car we pick up in Aberdeen

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you’re looking to scrap; we can help. Whether your car is fit for the road or not, we’ll make sure you get the maximum possible price.

Helping you get the maximum price for all makes and models

By working with specialist scrap dealers around Aberdeen, we can maximise the amount you get for all makes and models.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some common customer questions here. However, if you’ve got a question that’s not on the list, why not request a callback and we’ll be happy to give you more information over the phone.

What’s my scrap car worth?

The scrap price of your vehicle is based on its weight and the elements we are able to recover for recycling purposes. If the vehicle is being scrapped, any extras or modifications will not add to this price.

What if I have no keys?

No problem. Many of our collection partners can recover a car with no keys. Please let us know when we provide an initial quote so we can ensure you deal with an Aberdeen scrap car removal service which has the equipment needed to collect your car.

Do I need to be present at the time of collection?

No. We do require that someone is with the car at the time of collection, but it doesn’t have to be the registered keeper or legal owner of the vehicle. The person who’s with the car will need to show our collection partner a form of photo ID (either passport or driving licence). If you are unable to provide the vehicle logbook (V5C), the person who’s with your car will also need to provide a utility bill dated in the last 3 months.

What is an ATF?

ATF is short for Authorised Treatment Facility – another name for a vehicle scrapyard, breaker’s yard or dismantler. An authorised facility follows legal guidelines to ensure vehicles go through a depollution process before parts are disposed of or recycled.

Can I still get a quote to scrap my car in Aberdeen if it has flat tyres?

Yes. Most of our collection partners that support us to scrap cars in Aberdeen can recover a car that has flat tyres. If your car’s tyres are not inflated, please let us know when we provide a quote, to ensure the collection partner brings the correct equipment when the car is recovered.

Can I keep my stereo?

Yes. We just ask that the original stereo is put back in its place. If this isn’t possible, please let us know when we make a quote on your vehicle.

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