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Let help you scrap your car in Blackpool.

Are you asking yourself “who can help me scrap my car in Blackpool?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can get an excellent price for your car, and have it picked up – saving you a lot of hard work.

We pick up scrap cars in and around Blackpool

If you’d like to sell a car for scrap in Blackpool or the surrounding area, we can arrange collection at a time that fits perfectly around your schedule.

The best network of scrap collection partners in Blackpool

We work with a carefully chosen selection of Blackpool car scrap collection partners, so we make sure you maximise the value of your scrap vehicle.

Do you need a Blackpool car scrap yard?

You don’t worry about the hard work that’s often involved with scrapping your car. With our service you won’t have to deliver your car – we’ll collect it from you!

Get the best price for your scrap car in Blackpool

What happens when you choose to find scrap dealers in Blackpool?

We help you find hassle-free scrap car collection services in Blackpool

When you choose to find car scrap yards in Blackpool, you’re selecting a service that puts you first – from the initial quote, right through to collection. We can provide the best scrap car prices in Blackpool because we work with an excellent section of accredited collection partners, so the price we offer is never just the first price; it’s the highest price we’ve found for you.

Scrapping your car shouldn’t be hard work – and when you use, it isn’t. You won’t have to make lots of calls to car scrap dealers in Blackpool – and there’s no stress about official paperwork or trying to arrange delivery of your car.

As well as giving you an exceptional price if you’re hoping to scrap your car in Blackpool, our network of scrap partners will provide a quick and convenient car collection service, at a time that’s exactly right for you.

Supporting local communities

A recent insurance company study into road traffic accidents identified the wider Blackpool area as one of the most dangerous in the North West – with over 3,500 collisions in the past 5 years. Such a high number of accidents has an impact on residents too – the strain put on local services means a contribution of more than £215 for every Blackpool taxpayer.

At, we believe that the funds we create from our car scrapping programs should be directed back into the local communities that need them the most. From food redistribution networks to supported living, and employment training schemes – when you use our service if you’re looking to scrap your car for cash in Blackpool, you’re directly supporting life-changing charity work in communities in the North West.

We pick up your scrap car in
all the locations in Blackpool

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