Scrapping a car doesn’t have to be hard work! Our UK-wide network of scrap partners and specialist dismantlers means we make it easy to find the very best offers in the area.


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Can you still collect a car with flat tyres?

Flat tyres aren’t a problem for the well-equipped scrap yards we work with. Rather than attempt to drive your car, it will be recovered using a specialist vehicle. Even if the tyres on your car stop it from rolling as it should, the recovery vehicle will have heavy-duty chains and winches that can be used to move the vehicle.

Do flat or damaged tyres change the price I’m offered?

The value of your scrap car will be calculated based on its weight – and since tyres weigh the same whether or not they’re inflated, flat or damaged tyres are unlikely to impact the price you’re offered.

What happens if the tyres are illegal?

To be driven on the road, the law requires that car tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band across the central three-quarters of all its tyres. While it’s absolutely vital for your vehicle to have legal tyres if you’re going to drive the car, it won’t cause a problem for collection; as your car will make its journey on a recovery vehicle.

Can I remove the tyres from the car before collection?

If you’ve got tyres on your car that have plenty of tread left, you might be considering removing them before collection. While this is fine, a car with no tyres might attract a slightly reduced price – simply because it will be slightly more difficult to move. 

If you plan to remove your tyres before your car is collected, it’s important that you let the scrap yard you’re dealing with know - as this will mean they can bring the correct equipment to move the car.

Can you dispose of extra tyres if I put them in the car?

Some people have additional tyres or wheelsets for their car and ask if we can arrange to have these removed at the same time as the car. Generally, the answer will depend on the scrap yard you deal with. 

Disposing of old tyres needs to be done in line with strict waste laws – and professional waste services charge each time this is done. After you receive your quote, the dismantler you’re dealing with will be in touch – giving you chance to ask about the removal of additional tyres and wheels.

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When a car battery stops working and won’t hold its charge, it could be worth a few pounds. Don’t just throw it away as car batteries contain poisonous substances such as toxic lead and harmful battery acid.

A car can be sold for scrap without its keys, but you will need to provide paperwork proving vehicle ownership and there may be deductions from your final payment for any inconvenience and extra work for the scrap dealer who collects it.

The value of the scrap metal and parts in a car will vary according to current market prices, so it's impossible to give a general answer to the question ‘how much are scrap cars worth per ton?’

We’ll still provide a quote if your car has missing parts - although the price might be slightly reduced; as the scrap value of a vehicle is based on weight. If your car has missing parts, please let us know when you request a price.

No, unfortunately we do not. Our network of scrap partners do not have the equipment needed to lift a car with no wheels.

Yes, of course. We just ask that you put the original stereo back in its place. If this isn’t possible, simply let the scrap yard you’re dealing with know when they arrange collection.