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Can I Sell My Private Number Plate Back To The DVLA?

Can I sell my number plates via the DVLA’s private number plate auctions?

Every year the DVLA holds nine auctions of DVLA personalised registrations. Five of these auctions are live and can be attended by the general public, and the other four are timed auctions. However, all of these auctions only list previously unissued registration numbers, so you cannot enter your own private number plate into the auction.

Despite the fact that the DVLA does sell private number plates on its website, much like its auctions, these sales are limited to registration numbers owned by the DVLA that have not yet been issued to any vehicles. Secondhand number plates are not dealt with at all by the DVLA, so you are unable to sell your private number plate back to the DVLA, nor are you able to resell your personalised number plate via the DVLA website.

Does the DVLA have a list of recommended dealers who will buy my private number plate?

The DVLA does not get involved in the resale of private number plates if they have already been issued to a vehicle. There are some private dealers that specialise in helping you to sell your personalised number plates, but you will not find a list of recommended dealers on the DVLA website, as the organisation does not want to take responsibility for any problems that could potentially occur during this process.

Where can I privately sell my personalised number plate?

There are many private number plate dealers available on the internet, but you must be aware that this may not be the most cost-effective method of reselling your private number plate. You will be listing your plate on their website, so the dealer may charge you a commission for the use of their services. The advantage is that many potential buyers looking to purchase a secondhand personalised number plate will scope out dedicated number plate dealer websites first before turning their attention to private listings, so you may gain more exposure by selling via a dealer. The pitfall is that it will cost you some of your profit, and in some cases the dealer may set the price of your sale themselves, so you need to think about whether you’re happy with this.

Do any private dealers buy private number plates directly?

There are some number plate dealers who will offer valuations and potentially make an offer on a private number plate, but this is entirely at their discretion. Selling directly to a dealer will not usually be the most cost-effective means of selling your number plate, and you may receive a better deal if you are prepared to sell to a private individual.

Where else can you sell your private number plate?

When it comes to selling your personalised number plate, if you would rather not use a dealer, you can opt to sell your number plate privately. Some people have found success by listing their number plate on sites such as eBay, although you do have to be aware that there may be listing fees and seller charges incurred if you use such services. An alternative is listing your number plate on one of the many free buying and selling sites online (such as Gumtree) if you are prepared to wait for a sale.

When selling a private number plate, make sure you do so in accordance with the relevant rules and complete all the necessary paperwork.

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