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How To Order Personalised Number Plates

Private plates can be purchased direct from the DVLA at a fixed price or via one of its periodical auctions, and you can also buy them through online dealers such as Once you’ve bought your number plate, you’ll need to get it assigned to your vehicle before you can get plates made up and fitted.

Ordering plates isn’t a complicated procedure, but the companies that produce them are required by law to request particular paperwork to carry out this service. Depending on how you’ve purchased your plates, parts of this process may be carried out for you or you may have to handle it all yourself.

If you’re interested in how to order personalised number plates, read on for everything you need to know.

Buying personalised number plates

As mentioned previously, you can order private plates from the DVLA or from specialist dealers. To find the right plate for you, you might have to search a number of different vendors. 

It’s possible to purchase a number plate with no vehicle documentation at all, although proof of buyer ID is required by registered number plate traders as outlined by the government.

Vehicle documents are only required at the point you’re ready to assign your personalised registration to a car. At this stage, you’ll need your V5 registration document.

Assigning your personalised number plate to a car

When you’re ready to transfer your number plate to a vehicle, you can do so through the DVLA. The fastest and easiest way to do this is online, but you can also do this by post if you prefer. After the DVLA has accepted your application, you’ll receive a new V5 registration document in the post, usually within four to six weeks. Don’t fret – you won’t have to wait until your new log book arrives to order your plates. As soon as your application has been approved, you can get started.

Ordering your new number plates

Once your application has been approved, you’re ready to get your new plates. Well-known auto accessory retailers can be a cost-effective and reliable option, with reasonably priced plates produced while you wait as long as you’ve got all your documentation in order.

While you can order your new personalised plates online, you’ll often find with many retailers, they are required to request that you present your paperwork in person.

If you haven’t received your new log book yet and you’ve got your number plate on certificate of entitlement, you’ll need to show this to the company. If you’ve got your new V5 registration document through the post, take that with you for proof that you own the number plate.

You’ll also need to provide them with proof of your identification. Two forms of ID are necessary – first, something with your photo on it like a valid passport or driving licence, and second, you’ll need proof of where you live. Utility bills, bank statements and council tax bills are all ideal examples, but they must be no older than six months to be acceptable.

Some auto retail outlets will make plates while you wait and even fit them onto your car, but it’s a wise idea to arrange this beforehand. To get your personalised number plates not only made but attached to your car as well won’t cost you much – an additional £5 is typical for this assistance.

Other related FAQs

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The vast majority of private number plates are sold online, via either the DVLA or one of the other websites that specialises in selling registration numbers. Otherwise, you might be able to obtain one privately or at an auction.

The price of a personalised car number plate in the secondary market is determined by supply and demand. Number plates featuring popular names, words or initials that are attractive to many people tend to come with a higher price tag.

If you’re searching for a personalised number plate, there are three main options to consider: you can buy directly from the DVLA at fixed or auction price, through a registration plate dealer in person or online, or purchase privately.

Always a popular addition to vehicles, there are many websites that allow you to purchase number plates online, including the DVLA. It is safe to buy personalised number plates online as long as you take a few simple precautions.

You can buy a personalised number plate from an individual or an organisation as long as they can show that they are the legal owner of the plate. You can then assign the number to your car if you wish.

Whether as a gift or for yourself, it’s perfectly possible to buy a number plate without a car. The registration will be put on a certificate allowing you to use or gift it to someone at a later date.

You’ll find a variety of finance products available for purchasing a private number plate. These agreements allow you to pay in monthly installments, helping you to spread the cost of your new plate.

Most private number plates are bought and sold online, via one of the many websites - including the DVLA - that sell these plates. People may also buy number plates privately, or via a traditional auction house