Tesla’s new technology recharges a car in 15 minutes

Tesla’s new technology recharges a car in 15 minutes

Using a combination of preheating batteries while in transit to charging stations and multiplying the power present at these stations by two, Tesla states it can drastically lower car recharge time.

The American energy and automotive company currently operates 1,441 Supercharger stations in parts of North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, supplying electric power from 12,888 Superchargers.

V3 Supercharging is the next stage in the expansion of Tesla’s considerable network. This is a new design architecture featuring a 1 megawatt power cabinet, which supports peak efficiency rates of 250 kilowatts per vehicle. This is more than double the company’s previous capability of 120 Kilowatts.

Charging via V3 power at a Supercharger station will allow drivers to charge their cars to their batteries’ maximum capacity. Tesla has also created an additional feature titled “On Route Battery Warmup”. As soon as you point your car towards a Supercharger station it will begin to heat your battery so it’s ready on arrival for charging at the ideal temperature - cutting down the car recharge time by a quarter.

Keeping ahead of the competition

This latest Tesla news is indicative of the company’s efforts to fend off the efforts of rival car companies in the market where the Tesla electric car was once unmatched. A consortium named Ionity GmbH that comprises car manufacturers BMW, Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler has plans to place 400 charging stations on major routes throughout Europe by half way through 2020. These charging stations will support the electric efforts from these automakers and be able to provide a 350 kilowatt capacity to their customers.

They are not alone. In preparation for its own electric car entry, the Taycan, Porsche is outfitting its dealerships with 350 kilowatt chargers across the USA and Europe.

A schedule for growth

By the close of 2019, Tesla aims to achieve the ability to recharge double the quantity of cars it can at present.

With the beta testing nearing its end, the first V3 Supercharger sites will be up and running throughout North America, and Tesla has announced that this new technology is scheduled to appear in both Europe and Asia within the fourth quarter of 2019.

The company has also said it will increase the charging speeds of its Model S and X through software updates over the coming months.