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More news Weekly News - March 15 2022

There’s a buzz in the air and it’s not just because spring has arrived as we look at the lat-est electric vehicle from VW. It’s one of a number of new EVs heading our way and we also look at some of the latest models now on sale in the UK.

Mark Smyth Weekly News - January 27 2022

We’ve got everything this week, from a dune-bashing Bronco to an electric classic Mini, plus some new family crossovers and a hybrid crossover that’s gone rallying. So much for the January blues.

Mark Smyth
Ford Transit - Top Selling Vehicle Weekly News - January 11 2022

2021 saw big changes in the cars we buy and we expect even more in 2022. The year has already seen announcements of new models and some interesting tech which we delve into in our first news review of 2022.

Mark Smyth Weekly News - December 20 2021

In our final news round-up of 2021 we look at the latest electric vehicle reveals, safety issues at Renault and some of the new models heading our way in 2022.

Mark Smyth Weekly News - November 30 2021

BMW has revealed something to spark debate (again), Ford has revealed its new Ranger pick-up, Ferrari has gone back to basics and there are a bunch of interesting new concepts that might become real one day. Get it all in our latest news round-up.

Mark Smyth
VW ID5 Weekly News - November 15 2021

Cop26 brought a bunch of new electric vehicles and fresh commitments from automakers and governments. In our news round-up we look at some of the cool and super-cool new models both electric and traditional to suit a range of budgets and tastes.

Mark Smyth
Rolls Royce Spectre Weekly News - September 30 2021

Electric vehicles are in the headlines this week as people consider whether they want to queue for petrol or to charge up and Seat has launched the latest version of its popular Ibiza

Mark Smyth
Mercedes EQG Weekly News - September 11 2021

From future models in Munich to past models from Coventry and some exciting news about a scale model, there’s a lot of modelling going on in Car news this week.

Mark Smyth
Cupra Urban Rebel Weekly News - August 27 2021

Anticipation is building ahead of future models being revealed at the Munich International Motor Show, but a few interesting new vehicles have appeared this week

Mark Smyth
McLaren 765 LTS Weekly News - July 30 2021

Coupé-SUVs are increasing in numbers and performance this week with new models from Porsche, Renault and VW. Plus there’s a new Bowler Defender and the McLaren 765LT drops its top.

Mark Smyth