Volvo to cap the speed limit of all its cars to 112mph from 2020

Volvo to cap the speed limit of all its cars to 112mph from 2020

From next year the Swedish automaker Volvo will limit all cars in its line up to a top speed of 112mph.

With an aim to cut down the number of fatalities in traffic accidents, Volvo is introducing a speed limiter for car safety. All Volvo models with a 2021 year will be fitted with the technology and no longer be able to exceed a speed of 112mph.

A vision of safety for 2020

The introduction of this limit on speed is an integral part of Volvo’s Vision 2020 ambition. The company’s goal is that in 2020, no person will be either killed or seriously injured while inside a vehicle designed by Volvo.

The Swedish automobile manufacturer has always placed importance on safety, stating: “For more than 90 years, we have made cars for people who care about other people.”

Volvo’s reputation is linked to both safety and novel designs for its implementation. Alongside capping top speeds in its cars, they are also investigating the possibility of GPS technology called geofencing combined with controlling speed, which could limit the speed of Volvo vehicles in the vicinity of hospitals and schools automatically.

Volvo’s president, Håkan Samuelsson commented: “While a speed limitation is not a cure-all, it’s worth doing if we can even save one life.”

Alongside speeding, the carmaker listed the distraction of mobile phone use and substance intoxication as other major causes of fatalities in traffic accidents.

Volvo recently unveiled plans to tackle these other issues by installing cameras and sensors in its cars which monitor driver awareness and capability and when necessary alert the car to automatically intervene.

The impact of speed limiters

This Volvo news should not concern those who appreciate travelling fast as the limiter still allows speeds that are not legally permitted in most countries. Even Germany, a mecca for speed lovers with its unlimited autobahns, is considering imposing a speed limit of 80 miles per hour.

While it is reported that Volvo is the first carmaker to introduce a speed limiter across its entire range of cars, some vehicles which require the capacity - such as those employed by Police - will remain exempt. Cars fitted with speed capping are not unheard of and this is a practice that’s already in place for a variety of vehicles around the world.

Meanwhile, speed limiting technology is set to become obligatory for all vehicles sold within Europe from 2022 after the EU provisionally agreed to the change in rules.