UK motorists welcome government’s MOT extension

UK motorists welcome government’s MOT extension

UK motorists were today greeted by an announcement from the UK Government that if their MOT is due on or after 30th March 2020 they would receive an automatic extension of 6 months.

With the onslaught pandemic of Covid-19 crippling the UK, and many countries around the world many UK motorists were left wondering if leaving their house for a MOT inspection was allowed. Confusion arose as a result of the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, ordering the UK public to only leave their homes for “very limited purposes”, banned pubic gatherings of more then 2 people and ordered the closure of non-essential shops over a week ago.

Today, UK motorists received a bonus in these troubling times with the news that if their MOT is due on or after 30th March 2020 then their MOT would automatically be extended for a 6 month period. This move follows an earlier announcement from the Department of Transport that it was suspending testing of Heavy Good’s Vehicle’s and driving tests.  The extension applies to all cars, vans and motorbikes across the UK.

What do you need to do to apply?

The extension will automatically be applied and if you are unsure about when your MOT is now due you can simply enter your registration in’s MOT Check service which will show you when your next test is due along with providing your historic records for your vehicle. UK motorists have been told that during this period it is their responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is kept safe for use on the roads. 

Motorists that have a MOT that is due 29th March 2020 or before are still required to book a MOT test as per usual. Consideration has been given for those that currently have, or live with someone, with coronavirus symptoms along with people that are extremely vulnerable to the virus. Further advice on what to do here can be obtained from the website.  

Tips to keep your car safe

In order to ensure that your care is safe on the road then remember to conduct basic checks on your vehicle. Checking fluid levels is important and you should always consult your manufacturers handbook to check for oil, coolant and brake fluid level. Tyres also are a key component of vehicle safety and need to be individually inspected for the correct pressure and tread. If you find yourself wondering what the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle is then this can be found in the handbook that came with your vehicle or is often printed on the sill of the driver’s side door. When checking the tread, remember to check the inner, middle and outer edge of the tyre. Uneven tread usage could also indicate a further problem in alignment or tyre pressure been incorrect. Indicators, break lights and headlights are also vital – not just for your own safety but also for the safety of others on and around the UK roads. Further advice is best taken from your manufacturer and garages around the UK are open to ensure safety is maintained.