Volvo unveils new all-vegan electric car

Volvo unveils new all-vegan electric car

With a goal of rivalling Tesla and other forward looking car manufacturers, Volvo is set to release an all vegan electric vehicle (EV).

Entitled the Polestar 2, this new EV from Volvo takes some interior design cues from the American auto manufacturer Tesla. The electric fleet from Tesla has proved popular with those seeking eco-conscious solutions for powering their cars, so much so that the company has removed leather from its vehicles - making them vegan friendly inside.

A commitment to reducing CO2 emissions

Volvo’s new electric car was publicly revealed at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 in Switzerland. It features two electric motors and ships with a battery capacity of 78 kWh. The battery pack is based in the floor of the vehicle, which strengthens the structure of the chassis and adds to passenger comfort by reducing vibration and road noise levels. The car is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just under five seconds.

The Polestar 2 will be the Swedish automaker’s first fully electric car and its first model to be delivered in serious volume. Chief executive officer for Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath, described the new all vegan electric car:

“Everything about it has been designed and engineered with passion and dedication. As an electric performance brand, and through the forthcoming launch of a portfolio of fully electric cars, Polestar is determined to address the world’s air quality challenges. Polestar delivers electric performance cars that are great to own and drive.”

Progressive ideas for design

Head of design at Polestar, Maximilian Missoni, stated that the interior design of the vegan car, which uses non-leather materials was developed to appeal to a more forward thinking section of the car buying market. He went on to state: "We decided to bring something different to the segment. Our avant-garde design has evolved from Polestar 1 into an edgier, bolder statement.”

An electric powered five door fastback, the Polestar 2 has been crafted for driver convenience with a fully prepared cabin and quick start up sequence. From its signature frameless mirrors and original light-up Polestar logo to its Pixel LED headlights and panoramic glass roof, Volvo’s new electric car features stylish design on the outside too.

The Polestar 2 will reach its intended market and go head to head with its rival the Tesla Model 3 next year in 2020, with an expected retail cost of €49,412. It will no doubt be eagerly anticipated by many eco-conscious drivers.