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How much is my number plate worth?

Whether you’re looking to sell your personal number plate or are simply curious about its value, a common question among car owners is ‘How much is my number plate worth?’

Stephen Kelly

How much is a personalised number plate?

Even though cars coming off the production line are difficult to distinguish between, their relationship to their owners can be incredibly personal. While each car already possesses its own unique VIN number, given to it when first manufactured, that acts as the auto-equivalent of a human fingerprint, it’s not uncommon for drivers to have affectionate names for their vehicles.

Stephen Kelly

What’s the difference between your number plate and VIN?

From serial to engine numbers, the cars we drive have many codes attached to them. These codes personalise them and their parts and allow us and the authorities to differentiate them from one another. Two of the more commonly confused codes are the VIN number and the digits displayed on your licence plate.

Stephen Kelly

What is the law on number plates?

Number plates displayed on vehicles have been required by law in the UK since 1904. The law was passed to assist the authorities when a car was involved in either an accident or crime. To ensure that number plates are always easy to read, there are certain laws that govern them with rules on precisely what format they are presented in.

Stephen Kelly