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New Dodge vehicles are becoming increasingly rare on UK roads – but what happens if you buy a pre-owned Dodge and want to make sure potentially costly repairs don’t keep you awake at night?

For many Dodge owners, an extended warranty is the perfect solution to those worries – and, at, we can provide a range of warranties that will suit every need. 

For many vehicles, you’ll be able to choose an option that cover every electrical and mechanical part – and you can even pick additions that will cover work that’s needed for MOTs – and even air-con problems. You’ll even be able to choose to have the work done at a dealer; an approved repaired – or your choice of local garage.

What’s more, you’ll be able to adjust the cost of your Dodge used car warranty by opting to pay a little toward repairs yourself – if you wish. Whatever’s right for you, your car, and your pocket – we’ll do our very best to find cover that makes driving your Dodge completely worry-free! 

Dodge warranties from a trusted provider

There’s nothing worse than discovering your warranty is carefully worded to exclude common issues you might face with your car – so, at, you can be sure this won’t be the case. 

We’re proud to offer completely clear cover; if we say it’s covered, then it is. We never use the small print to avoid paying for repairs – which is why we’re trusted by tens of thousands of motorists to keep them moving, with any worry.

We’re convinced you will not find a better value Dodge extended car warranty anywhere in the UK. We make sure cover comes packed with money-saving features.

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We make sure that we’re 100% clear about what’s covered – so you can drive with confidence.


Levels of cover

Choose a level of cover that matches the car you drive and the miles you cover.

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Warranty additions

Want to make sure even MOT and air-con costs are covered? With you can add them!


How they compare

We’re happy for you to compare our cover to other companies – we’re certain we won’t be beaten.