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Additional options for your warranty cover

Additional car warranty cover is designed to provide you with the opportunity to personalise your cover and for us here at to offer you an increased quality of service.

Air bag system

Additional car warranties of this kind are engineered to cover your repair costs for particular faults to your airbag system. Through this addition, you’ll be covered if the car’s airbag suffers a failure of a part that affects activation of the airbag’s system for warning, where an individual part of the airbag system is rendered non serviceable using either the diagnostic techniques or diagnostic equipment respectively as specifically advised by the manufacturer of your given vehicle. Proof will be required in each instance of failure.

Air conditioning

This useful addition is crafted to provide you with the necessary repair cost if your car’s system for air conditioning should suffer a failure of a part and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Emissions failure

An additional warranty of this type offers you repair costs for the reconditioning, cleaning or replacing of, if necessary (under our discretion), the car’s diesel particulate filter, catalytic convertor, exhaust gas recirculation valve, nitrous oxide, oxygen, DPF or AdBlue sensor (CAT, DPF, EGR or LAMBDA, NOX), AdBlue pump caused by your car failing the appropriate manufacturers’ in service emissions test standards or the emissions test at your vehicle’s annual DVSA MOT.


This useful warranty addition has been created to cover the cost of repairs in the event of a failure to the media facilities of your car. Repairs will be covered for failure to your Sat Nav system, TV, CD player, DVD player or your vehicle radio under the condition that the item of media technology was fitted as standard and original equipment in your car by your vehicle manufacturer.

MOT failure

In the event that your vehicle fails its MOT, this additional warranty will cover you. With this extra warranty, you won’t have to worry about paying repair costs of the individual parts which have not passed the annual DVSA MOT test or the cost of a required retest if one is necessary. In a term of 12 months, one valid repair will be allowed on your chosen vehicle covered by the additional warranty.

Garage labour rates

Should you need to have your vehicle repaired, this warranty addition protects you from having to fork out. This coverage has been carefully crafted to provide repairer’s hourly labour charges at the rate of labour dictated by you as selected from the detailed list outlined below and as indicated on the schedule for your chosen additional warranty plan.

  • £35, £50 and £75 per hour
  • £100 per hour (Currently unavailable on 12/120 cover level)
  • £150 per hour (Currently unavailable on 10/100 or 12/120 cover level)
  • £200 per hour (Currently unavailable on 10/100 or 12/120 cover levels)
  • £250 per hour (Available only on 04/40)

(VAT at prevailing rate is included in the above quoted Labour rates)