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If you want peace of mind motoring, we’ll help you track down an extended warranty that suits you, your car, and the way you drive.

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Get an instant Bentley car warranty quote online

If you want peace of mind motoring, we’ll help you track down an extended warranty that suits you, your car, and the way you drive.

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It’s not always clear what a car warranty covers, and it can be frustrating to discover that a problem you thought was part of the standard protection has been excluded – especially when you’re dealing with such costly components. Some warranties are only for specific parts or problems and may only cover part of the cost.

The Bentley extended warranty from takes away any uncertainty. It offers protection that’s similar to what the manufacturer provided when the vehicle was new. This means we guarantee all mechanical and electrical parts provided the car is no more than six years old or has fewer than 60,000 miles on the clock.

If you need to make a claim, our Bentley used car warranty means you can have the repair done at an approved repairer, main dealer or a local garage. There’s no limit to the number of times you can claim. We also guarantee that the value of your cover won’t reduce as the car gets older.

If you want to cut the price of your Bentley warranty, you can do so by agreeing to pay some of the repair costs. Otherwise we’ll cover the full amount of the work.

Choose a level of cover that suits your budget

Subject to maximum amounts, we’ll pay for car hire, roadside recovery and travel expenses. Cover is unlimited across Europe.

We don’t hide behind confusing terms and conditions. The warranty is written in plain English with no hidden escape clauses. As a result, you can be confident that your Bentley warranty provides full cover at all times.

We’ve worked hard to make sure you will not find a better value or more feature-packed Bentley extended car warranty anywhere in the UK.

What's covered?

We promise absolute clarity about your cover. We don’t use small print to dodge claims.


Levels of cover

You can choose an age and mileage limit that suits your car and your driving.

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Warranty additions

Want to cover extras like MOTs and air-con? With, you can!


How they compare

We offer an unrivalled level of repairs, along with a range of money-saving benefits.

Get an instant Bentley warranty quote online

Don’t take your chances with expensive repairs. We’ll find you a great value warranty that keeps you on the road.

Your warranty will help charities and good causes

At, we have a unique way of working. When you choose our service to track down an outstanding warranty, you’re directly supporting us to deliver financial assistance to some of the UK’s favourite charities and good causes.

Our social value programme helps us provide life-changing funding for a range of community projects – from food redistribution schemes to supported living homes, and HMP academies the help reduce reoffending rates.

There are other warranty providers – but when you use, you’re directly supporting organisations that make a real difference to people’s lives – in the UK and beyond.