Salvage conditions

Description of salvage conditions

The vehicle can be started with its own power, without a jump start, can be put into forward & reverse gear and capable of moving either direction under its own power.

The vehicle currently has a MOT that does not expire within the current month.

The exterior panels of the car do not contain any damage that is excessive nor is the paint excessively worn. Small dings, scuffs, chips and other age-related wear do not classify as major damage.

When the car is started the crankshaft rotates and the pistons and cams move freely in conjunction.

There is no excessive noise coming from the engine either when the car is at idle or any excessive clicking or tapping noise present when the car is placed under higher load.

The complete exhaust is present on the vehicle as it was supplied from the factory when new. This includes the catalytic converter(s) on the vehicle.

The chassis of the vehicle is straight and no crumple zones on the vehicle have been impaired. There is also no damage to the A, B & C pillars of the vehicle.

There is no excessive rust (rot) present on any of the chassis or panels outside of surface rust. Excessive rust is largely any rust that is likely to impact the structural integrity of the metal or be so corroded that there are holes in the metal panels.

When the vehicle ignition is switched on there are no warning or check engine lights illuminated on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The vehicle is missing no main components including, but not limited to, all wheels, engine, gearbox, exterior lights, vehicle interior, doors, panels & exhaust are present on the vehicle and in a state that is appropriate for the age of the vehicle.

The vehicle engine has no major mechanical or electrical issues including, but not limited to, head gasket, bottom end failure, low compression, etc