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If you're looking for a Lexus scrap yard near you and the best price for your vehicle, then look no further than Our experts will guide you through every step when you decide to scrap your old Lexus.

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We offer more than just Lexus scrapping

As well as our great prices, our chosen Lexus scrap dealer will come and collect your car wherever you are, and at a time that's most suitable for you. We offer all of this through a simple and straightforward system and with minimum disturbance to your life. On top of that, our service is completely free of charge. are here to look after you every step of the way.

If you're looking for the best way to scrap a Lexus - look no further!

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We're certain of our excellent prices and our outstanding service because we've already done the hard work for you, by assembling our team of trusted collection partners. No more ringing around countless local scrap Lexus buyers, no waiting for return calls or quotations - it's all taken care of in one place, and with just a couple of clicks. Our online system gathers the information you need and delivers it straight away when you want to find out how much you can get for scrapping your Lexus.

Within our collection partners, we have a selection of Lexus scrap recycling specialists. Some of our partners only deal in one specific make of car or with particular models of vehicle. They recycle the reclaimed used parts and sell them over the used car parts market. These partners will often offer you a higher price for your scrap quotation. It's one more way goes even further to provide you with the best possible prices for your Lexus scrappage.

Our helpful and efficient experts will be there every step of the process - they'll guide you to correctly complete the DVLA paperwork and make sure of your prompt payment. It's the complete scrap Lexus valuation to removal service.

Recycling your Lexus and supporting good causes

When you organise your Lexus disposal, you probably don't know how much of your car is actually being recycled. 95% of the materials from every vehicle in the UK, including your own scrap Lexus, will be recycled. From the different types of metals; including highly salvaged aluminium sections that are reused in the manufacture of new cars and vehicles, to glass, plastics, fabrics and more. Many manufacturers are involved in the pursuit of recycling materials, so when you scrap your Lexus for money, there's no reason to feel guilty about it ending up in a landfill when so little of it does.

For example, Lexus pioneered the recycling of components and metals from car batteries. They have also introduced ways to convert particular reclaimed components into tungsten, which is subsequently made into highly resilient carbide tools. Their team of designers are constantly looking into new ways to build their cars that means even more of them can be recycled and reused. The benefits are more significant than you probably thought when selling your Lexus for scrap.

Not only is recycling your Lexus helping the environment, use part of the funds they raise to support community projects, charities, and good causes. You're not the only person getting a good deal when you accept a scrap Lexus quote!

If you're looking for the best way to scrap a Lexus - look no further!
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Types of Lexus cars we scrap

It doesn't matter if your car has failed its MOT or been written off in an accident; with Lexus' bought for scrap, our partners will accept your car despite its condition.

Car being scrapped
  • Un-roadworthy cars
  • MOT failures
  • Junk and salvage cars
  • Fleet cars
  • Insurance write-offs
  • Damaged cars
  • Flood damaged cars
  • Non-runners
  • Part-exchange cars

We're bringing social value to the motor industry

A great deal for your scrap Lexus car also creates life-changing charity donations.

At, we’re proud to support a large number of charities and good causes in the UK and abroad – and your scrap car quote will help us to continue these important contributions.

As well as being positive for the environment, recycling your old or damaged car with means we can:

  • Fund HMP training academies
  • Support assisted living schemes
  • Help to grow food redistribution networks

Social value projects like these don’t just positively impact the people who access them – their effect can be felt much more widely – not least by reducing the strain on the emergency services, local healthcare provisions, and wider social care services – all of which are often close to breaking point.

Directly helping charitable causes by scrapping your car

Providing social value for charities and good causes

Your car may have made its last journey on the road – but we’ll make sure it goes on to provide social value for charities and good causes around the country.

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Popular Lexus models we scrap

Our service takes care of any Lexus bought for scrap. So whether it’s a CT, a GS, an RC, or an RX, we take them all!

  • Lexus CT
  • Lexus GS
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus ES
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus RX

Frequently asked questions

How to scrap a Lexus is a simple process, but there are a few questions our customers regularly need answering. The following examples are some of the most common.

The scrap price of your car is generally based on the weight of the elements we are able to recover for recycling. If the vehicle is being scrapped, any extras or modifications will not affect this price.

Your insurance company may ask for A Certificate of Destruction (COD). They are issued by the DVLA and sent to the Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) that scraps your car. All of our partners meet government ATF approval so please let us know you require a COD when applying for a quote. Our collection partner will send you a copy of your certificate when your car is finally scrapped.

Both you and your collector will be required to complete section 9 of the V5C, and then you must send it to the DVLA. This acts as confirmation that you are selling/transferring your vehicle to a motor trader, insurer or dismantler. It is your responsibility to carry out its completion and return, but your collection partner will assist and check the paperwork for you.

Yes. Our Lexus scrap dealer will inspect your car upon collection, and as long as your description of the vehicle is the same as in your quotation, you will receive the full amount you were quoted.

We do need someone to be with the car when it’s collected, but it doesn’t have to be the registered keeper or owner. If you aren’t available, we ask that the person who attends your scrap Lexus disposal has photo ID to show our collection partner. If you’re unable to provide the V5C document at the vehicle collection, your nominated person will need to show a utility bill that’s addressed to them from the previous 3 months.

For scrap purposes, the value of a car is based on its weight – cars come in all shapes and sizes, and that means their weights will vary substantially. However, to help you get the best Lexus scrap car quotes, we get prices from many different scrap yards, breakers, and recycling experts. Some specialise in specific makes and models, who will often offer a higher price.