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COVID 19: Sell your car 100% online and contact free. Safe collections from your home Nationwide Support for Vehicle Scrappage Schemes offers a comprehensive nationwide scrap car recycling network to various clients, including the general public, vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, police forces, auction houses, garages, and MOT centres. centres are fully equipped and authorized to treat vehicles in compliance with stringent environmental regulations. Our Customer Services Team is well-versed in providing top-notch service, thanks to their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Our Scrappage Background

The team have over 20 years’ experience in the car recycling industry with a proven track record of managing vehicle scrappage for different stakeholders, including the UK government-led initiatives and various manufacturer-led schemes.

We ensure that all vehicles scrapped through comply with the government's End of Life Vehicle Regulations, recycling, recovering, or reusing 95% of each end-of-life vehicle.

How We Can Support Your Scrappage Scheme is fully equipped to assist you with our extensive network of recycling centres and the necessary systems and staff for management and administrative services tailored to your needs. We can support and manage scrappage schemes efficiently and professionally.

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Offering a scrappage scheme to your customers? We can handle the collection, recycling, and issuance of the DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

Vehicle Manufacturers

Interested in providing a scrappage scheme to your customers? We can manage the collection, recycling, and issuance of the DVLA Certificate of Destruction while customizing the scheme to fit your needs. Learn more...

Local Authorities

Launching a scrappage scheme? With 15 years of car recycling experience, we can support your scrappage scheme requirements. Learn more...

Garages and MOT Centres

Seeking a solution for your scrap cars? We can arrange the collection of scrap cars and MOT failures from your location. Learn more...

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We’d live to talk to you more about working with your organisation, please get in touch and we can explore partnership opportunities to make sure you’re getting the most of your car disposal requirements;