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Bell insurance take an innovative and simple approach to black box insurance – and that starts with how your black box will be installed.

Rather than having to visit or book an auto electrician to fit your box – you’ll be able to do it yourself. Installation takes no more than a few seconds, and your box plugs straight into your 12-volt power point (the one that’s normally reserved for phone chargers and cigarette lighters). When it’s plugged in, you’re ready to go.

While many black box insurance policies have mileage and time limitations, Bell has none – so you can drive your car at whatever time suits you – and you won’t be limited to a certain number of miles. If you work or travel at night, this makes Bell perfect for you.

Bell won’t collect your driving data for long either. Rather than keep your black box for your full 12 months of cover, you’ll only be required to keep it for 6. During this time, Bell will be able to tell how safely you drive – and may be able to offer you a discount on your renewal moving forward.

As well as offering discounts, Bell will also give you feedback on your driving skills. You can choose to get regular emails that give you a world of useful hints and tips – helping you to make sure you’ve got a lifetime of safe driving ahead of you. 

When the time comes to return your box, just pop it back into its packaging and send it back – it couldn’t be any simpler!

Get the best Bell car insurance prices today

You can still charge your phone!

If you need to regularly charge your phone, the idea of taking up your 12-volt socket might put you off – but don’t worry!

Bell’s Plug and Play insurance box has a built-in USB socket, so you can get cheap insurance and still make sure you’ve got plenty of battery power left for when you reach your destination.

Every policy provided through Bell comes with a range of benefits that you simply will not find anywhere else!
No curfews

No curfews

Bell won’t limit the times that you can drive your car.

Up to 6 months Black box

Up to 6 months

You’ll only have to keep your black box for the first 6 months.

Lower renewal prices

Outstanding renewal prices

Careful drivers will be rewarded with reduced premiums.

DIY Black box

DIY installation

Bell’s black box can be fitted in seconds – just plug it in!

Get an instant Bell motor insurance quote online

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Your insurance policy will mean we can support charities

At, we have a unique way of working. When you choose the comparison service to track down a policy from Bell, you’re directly supporting us to deliver financial assistance to some of the UK’s favourite charities and good causes.

Our social value programme helps us provide life-changing funding for a range of community projects – from food redistribution schemes to supported living homes, and HMP academies the help reduce reoffending rates.

There are other ways to buy your next insurance policy – but when you use, you’re directly supporting organisations that make a real difference to people’s lives – in the UK and beyond.