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Thousands of customers have asked us “where can I scrap my car in Barnsley?” The answer is simple – with us, and when you do, we’ll help with every step!

We pick up scrap cars in and around Barnsley

Wherever you are – if you’ve got a scrap car in or around Barnsley, we’ll arrange collection at a time that’s perfect for you.

Reliable scrap collection partners in Barnsley

To make sure you get the best price for your car, we work with a number of reliable and trustworthy Barnsley car scrap collection partners.

Searching for a good Barnsley car scrap yard?

Don’t worry about the work that’s usually involved with scrapping a car. With you won’t be expected to deliver – and we’ll even help with all the official paperwork.

We’ll help you maximise the value of your scrap car in Barnsley

Why choose when you’re looking for prices from car scrap yards in Barnsley?

We put our customers first

We’re certain we provide the best scrap car prices in Barnsley – but it’s not just great prices that set apart from the rest! We help our scrap car customers with every step of the scrapping process – from getting a quick online quote, right through to wrapping up paperwork after collection.

When you choose, you don’t have to worry about delivering your car to a scrap yard in the Barnsley area, and you won’t have to wait a long time for your payment either.

We know that life can be busy – that’s why we make sure we fit collection around you. When you use our app to arrange collection, you’ll be able to choose an exact time that’s right for you and your diary.

We make scrap cars work for local communities

Barnsley roads have seen around 3,200 road traffic accidents in the last 5 years – a figure that makes the city one of the most dangerous places to be a driver in Yorkshire. Not only does this statistic make Barnsley roads dangerous – but they also put a huge strain on local authorities, with over £210m being spent as a result of car crashes each year.

At, we use cars that are seriously damaged and written-off in accidents like these to provide funding for some of the UK’s best-loved charities. When you choose our service instead of traders who’ll scrap your car for cash in Barnsley, you don’t just get a better price; you also help some of the most vulnerable people in communities around the North of England.

What do our customers in Barnsley think?

We think we deliver the very best scrap car collection service in Barnsley – but what do our valued customers think?

“I thought I’d have to pay someone to collect my car, but you picked it up – and got me a great price. Brilliant.”

Simon Davies – Grimethorpe

“I spent most of the day calling around scrap car dealers in Barnsley, but none of them beat your quote, very impressed!”

Rob Richards – Barnsley

“Brilliant price and a brilliant team. I couldn’t have hoped for any more help and support. Thanks.”

Katrina Spencer – Dodworth

“Quick and convenient service; I can’t ask for more than that.”

Graham Jordan – Barnsley

Types of car we scrap in Barnsley

It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in; we’ll collect it and get you the very best price.

We work to maximise the price on all makes and models

We get our prices from the best specialist scrap dealers in Barnsley; making sure you get the maximum amount for all makes and models.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be paid when I accept the quote?

No. We ask the Barnsley scrap car dealers we work with to inspect your car before payment – to make sure it’s present and in the condition described. Payments will be made promptly after collection.

Do you accept commercial vehicles?

Yes, we do. From LGVs to small work vans; the Barnsley car scrap dealers we work with will offer great quotes on a huge range of commercial vehicles.

How can I make sure I keep my private registration?

To make sure you don’t lose your private registration mark, you should apply for a number plate retention with the DVLA – either online or through the post. You should make sure this process is complete before your collection day.

What happens if I change my mind after accepting the quote?

If you change your mind about an online quote to scrap your car in Barnsley, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible. If one of our collection partners tries to pick the car up, they may charge you for the journey.

Can you still scrap your car in Barnsley if it has flat tyres?

Yes. It’s important to let us know if the tyres are not inflated though, as the collection partner that helps us to scrap cars in Barnsley will need to bring the correct equipment to recover the car.

What is an ATF?

An ATF is an Authorised Treatment Facility – the name given to a scrapyard, breaker’s yard or dismantler who meets with government guidelines to how cars are depolluted, disposed of, and recycled.

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