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“What’s the best way to scrap my old Ford?” With of course. We have a complete network of scrap Ford dealers and buyers ready to help with every step of the process.

Our network of Ford disposal experts

We have assembled an extensive network of partners, each ready to scrap your Ford for money and provide you with an exceptional level of service through a simple and straightforward process.

A Ford scrap yard that goes the extra mile offers a complete package. We want to provide you with a trouble-free way of scrapping your Ford, from quote to collection; and because we’ve already done the work finding the best possible partners to retrieve and recycle your car, that means you don’t have to. In a few clicks, you could be choosing from a range of great quotes for your car. We believe it’s the complete scrap Ford valuation, removal, and recycling service.

Great offers on Ford scrappage – get your online quote now

We’re positive this is the best way to scrap a Ford

Not to be beaten on service and price

To provide the great prices and level of service we believe our customers deserve, our team at have compiled a network of partners who offer great prices for Ford scrap car quotes. There are many specialist Ford scrap dealers across the country, so wherever you are in the UK we’re confident we can provide a great price for your car.

When asking, “How much can I get for scrapping my Ford?” you’ll want to be assured not only of a great price but also a simple and straightforward process. At all the details have been taken care of to make your life as easy as possible. Our friendly partners will collect your Ford for scrap at a time best suited to you. They will assist with the DVLA paperwork, and provide full payment for your vehicle.

Recycling Fords and supporting good causes

You’ve decided, “I want to sell my Ford for scrap,” but did you know that if you use to find your selection of Ford scrap collection partners, you could be helping others too? utilise funds raised through our services to support charities and community projects across the country. Scrapping your Ford could turn out to be a great deal for everyone.

Ford is the most popular make of car in the UK today with 5.5 million of them on the roads today, and an impressive 81,000 sold last year. When you choose to scrap your old or accident damaged Ford car, our recycling specialists will be hoping to use the reclaimed components in this extensive marketplace, to supply your recycled yet still valuable car parts to their customers.

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