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Following a write off or a failed MOT you could be asking yourself “Where’s the best place to scrap my Audi?” have all the answers for Audi scrappage, utilising our network of leading scrap Audi dealers and buyers.’s Audi scrap car collection network

We work in conjunction with a comprehensive selection of partners offering Audi scrappage, disposal, and recycling in the UK. That means you’re not limited to a single company so you can choose the best price from our full range of Audi scrap car quotes.

A service that offers much more than just scrapping your Audi for money

It’s true, our prices are some of the best in the country, but we also provide your scrap Audi car collection from anywhere in the UK. Not only that but it’s absolutely free of charge and arranged at a time that’s suitable for you.

Are you looking to scrap your old Audi? Our online quotes are instant!

We provide the most painless and the best way to scrap an Audi

We couldn’t be more proud of our premium level of service wants to make sure you receive the best in Audi scrap car quotes, and that’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure our partners are the best available. We’re confident that you’ll get the best prices available because we only partner with trusted Audi scrap dealers.

Having a network of scrap Audi buyers throughout the country means that wherever you live, we’ve got you covered – and do you know what’s even better? We’ll arrange your Audi scrap collection at a time most suitable for you. That’s right, we provide a complete collection service to remove your car to our Audi scrap yards, and our trusted partner will make sure all the relevant DVLC paperwork is taken care of too. How’s that for the complete scrap Audi valuation, removal, and recycling service?

Audi recycling and removal

Many of our Audi scrap yards and Audi scrap dealers are specialists when it comes to Audi recycling. They offer premium quotations when appropriating the spare parts their customers need. With 1.7 million Audi drivers on the road today it’s certainly a popular brand, and in the UK there’s no shortage of options when it comes to your Audi disposal. We’re here to make it as easy as possible when all you’re thinking about is ‘the best way of scrapping my Audi’.

Supporting community incentives from Audi scrappage supports charity and community work with people in vulnerable situations and locations. We’re proud to help these organisations make a difference to those whose lives aren’t as straightforward as ours, and utilising the funds from our local scrap dealers, it gives us an extra reason to be proud of our efforts and services.

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