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Tired of average insurance quotes? Give us a few details about you and your car – then we’ll help you to track down a Sky Insurance quote that we’re confident won’t be bettered!

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We work closely with Sky Insurance to provide outstanding quotes for vehicles you might struggle to insure elsewhere. From high-performance track vehicles to modified show cars, they’re all covered – but what else would you expect from the company that sponsors the Driftworks race team?!

As car enthusiasts, we know that feeling of dread you get when you’re calling or comparing insurance companies with a specialist vehicle on the drive. You’re probably used to seeing enormous premiums or companies who “can’t provide a quote” – and this is exactly why we’ll help you to compare Sky Insurance quotes. 

Have you got a modified car? Perhaps you’ve got a high-spec Japanese grey import? Or you’re hoping to take your vehicle around a circuit or down a quarter-mile drag strip? Where standard insurance companies say no, Sky will say yes – and they’ll make sure it’s at a reasonable price.

Of course, it’s not just your car that can prove tricky to insure. Sometimes, inexperienced or learner drivers find it hard to get good cover too – and Sky Insurance will help again. 

Don’t let old-fashioned attitudes to driving stand in the way of the car you want. Sky Insurance love interesting vehicles – in fact, they’ve even got a blog and events that feature some of their customers’ cars. Give us a few details about you, your car, and your driving – then we’ll help you compare quotes to see how much you can save.

Get the best Sky car insurance prices today

Temporary cover

Need to borrow a friend’s car? Perhaps you’re planning a big road trip and you need to split the driving? Or maybe you’re borrowing a van to move house?

No problem. Sky can offer short term insurance from 1-28 days – so you don’t need to take any risks.

We help customers to track down great value Sky Insurance insurance policies – and we even make sure your cover comes with a range of great benefits.
Car club perks

Car club insurance perks

Part of an owner’s club or car club? You might get an additional discount!

Track day cover

Track day cover

Want to see what your car can do? Sky can provide track day cover.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover

Don’t worry about being stranded; Sky Insurance will keep you moving.

Sky insurance scene

Sky Insurance Scene

Read about and get involved with specialist car events organised by Sky.

Get an instant Sky Insurance motor insurance quote online

Get an instant Sky Insurance quote now

Give us a few details about you and your vehicle – then we’ll find unbeatable cover from Sky Insurance now.

Your insurance policy will mean we can support charities

Car insurance and life-saving charity work probably aren’t things that most people think go hand-in-hand, but at, we’re changing that.

When you use our service to find your next Sky Insurance policy, you’re helping us to deliver financial support to a range of charities and good causes – both in the UK and beyond.

Our partner organisations deliver an enormous range of services – from food redistribution networks to HMP Academies that help reduce crime rates in local communities. 

Our comparison tools make sure you save money – and directly support some of the country’s most vulnerable people at the same time.