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If you’re looking for an excellent price for your car insurance – we’re here to help! We just need a few details from you – then we’ll instantly find an outstanding price.

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MCE are well known for their motorcycle insurance services – but not many people realise they also provide outstanding quotes for car insurance too!

In fact, at MCE, there’s a dedicated team who we work alongside to provide unbeatable prices for car insurance cover. To get started, we just need a few details from you; then we’ll instantly return your prices. What’s more, we’ll conveniently display each quote with the benefits you’ll receive too – because cheap doesn’t always mean good value.

When we return a quote from MCE, you can be sure it comes with some great value additions. You’ll get breakdown cover that will stop you from being stranded – and you’ll even be able to extend that cover so that breakdowns when you’re in the EU are included too. 

That EU breakdown cover might come in handy – as MCE provides an industry-leading 183 days of insurance cover if you take your vehicle on the ferry and explore the continent. Whether you’re heading for Paris or Prague, you can be absolutely confident that you’ve got adequate insurance in place – leaving you free to explore.

As well as almost unlimited exploration time, each MCE policy covers your windscreen and windows too – so you don’t have to worry if that stone chip starts to spread and become a crack. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about lost keys or fuel mishaps either – as both of these problems can be covered with low-cost additions to your policy.

Get the best MCE car insurance prices today

Personal accident cover

If you’ve been in an accident and you’ve been hurt, you’ll realise quite how disruptive it can be to your personal and professional life. 

With MCE, you can add personal accident cover – additional cover that makes sure you’re not out of pocket for any medical issues or treatment you might need help with after your accident.

Every policy that we provide through MCE comes with a range of benefits that you simply will not find anywhere else!
183 days of European cover

183 days of European cover

An industry-leading 183 days of European travel cover so you can take your car abroad.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen and window cover

Don’t worry about cracks and stone chips – MCE has got you covered.

Key protection cover

Lost key cover

Optional key cover means you’re protected if they go missing.



Picked up the wrong pump? Don’t worry – this additional cover will fix it.

Get an instant MCE motor insurance quote online

Get an instant MCE insurance quote now

Looking for a quote today? We’ll just need a few details from you – then we’ll help you to track down an unbeatable price from MCE.

Your insurance policy helps us to support charity projects

We appreciate that buying car insurance doesn’t usually have any feel-good factor attached to it – but, at, we’re trying to change that!

We operate with social value at the heart of everything we do – so, we judge our business success how much help we can provide for local people and local communities.

Our partner charities creation millions of pounds of social value savings for local authorities every year – through a wide range of projects, including HMP Academies, supported living homes, and food redistribution networks. The revenue that your insurance policy creates helps us to continue our support of this life-changing work.