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Get the best H&R car insurance prices today

There are plenty of car insurance providers in the UK – but if you’re looking for one that offers unrivalled customer care, H&R could be the provider for you. 

Formed in 1972, H&R was built on the principle that listening to and looking after customers should never take a back-seat, which is why each member of their highly trained staff will be able to help – whether you just have some account changes you need to make, or you’re calling after an accident to make a claim.

Of course, exceptional customer care doesn’t mean H&R’s insurance policies are anything less superb though. As standard, H&R will provide you with low excess costs – where many insurance providers bump these up – to make lower premiums that look more attractive. You can increase these if you wish – but transparency and clarity from the very beginning is assured when you seek quotes through from H&R.  

This same attitude applies to policy benefits too. Rather than put together a bundle that’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ – H&R will let you add the additional features you need, making sure you stay in control of the price you pay. 

Whether you’re a standard car driver, or you’re the owner of a taxi or private hire vehicle, H&R will offer exceptional cover. They even have a range of products available for commercial vehicle drivers too – whether you’re a delivery driver with your own car, or a business owner looking to arrange cover for a large fleet.

Get the best H&R car insurance prices today

A range of commercial vehicles

It doesn’t matter what kind of commercial vehicle you have; H&R will help you get great cover. 

From ice-cream vans and horseboxes – to 44 tonne HGVs and truck-mounted cranes, their commitment to customer service is always the same.

We help customers to track down great value H&R insurance policies – and we even make sure your cover comes with a range of great benefits.
Friendly and experienced staff

Friendly and experienced staff

UK based customer service staff who’ll listen and provide the right answers.

Small excesses as standard

Small excesses as standard

H&R doesn’t inflate excesses to lower premiums – they’re low as standard.

Compare the best priced insurance deals in the UK

The very best prices in the UK

H&R work closely with providers to get the best possible deals for you.

In-house UK claims team

In-house UK claims team

You won’t be passed around if you need to make a claim – H&R will help.

Get an instant H&R insurance quote now

Get an instant H&R insurance quote now

With just a few details about you and your car, we’ll help you to track down great value cover from H&R now.

Your insurance policy will help good causes around the UK

Although we’ve got a passion for all things car-related, it’s actually social value that drives what we do here at 

When you shop for your next H&R insurance deal through, you’ll be helping us to support a range of charities that provide life-changing services in local communities around the country.

From food redistribution networks to HMP Academies – the projects that we help to support don’t just help vulnerable people – they also ease the relentless strain faced by our emergency services and local authorities. A great deal on your car insurance becomes a great deal for people across the UK.