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Get the best Drivology car insurance prices today

If you’re looking for a high-tech solution to finding great insurance, Drivology might be the insurance company for you. Drivology was established in 2014 – and the company uses ‘black box’ technology to make sure you pay the premium you deserve.

Traditional insurance is based on the way other people drive. So, rather than finding a premium that suits you – you’ll be given a premium that’s based on your age, your location, and the kind of car you drive. The trouble with this approach is that it factors in the previous driving habits of other people – giving the insurance company an idea of how you’ll drive in the future.

While this approach is somewhat accurate, a ‘telematics’ insurance company largely ignores the statistics – and instead places a black box in your vehicle – feeding back to the insurer with details about your driving habits.

As a result, 56% of Drivology drivers receive a discounted premium – but that’s not all – the company will even give you feedback about the way you drive; helping to make you a better driver in the long-term. 

Drivology report that Vauxhall drivers are the safest in the UK based on their information – so whether you’re a Vauxhall driver that’s keen to keep this sterling reputation up – or you’ve got a different car and you want to challenge for the top spot, Drivology could be the insurance company for you. Either way, you be assured of the very best service when you explore quotes though – and our team is on hand to help if you need any support along the way.

Get the best Drivology car insurance prices today

The Drivology app

Drivology insurance policies are app powered! So, your black box will detect when you’re setting off – and your app will start recording.

If you’ve looked into telematics policies before, but been put off by the need to record every journey with an app, Drivology’s approach could be perfect for you.

We know that every Drivology insurance policy we provide comes packed with a range of great time and money-saving features.
Unique app

Unique app

Your Drivology app will automatically record your journeys!

Pay for the way you drive

Pay for the way you drive

Your premium will be based on the way you drive – not someone else.

Driving feedback

Driving feedback

The Drivology app will give you feedback – helping you become a better driver.

Additional discounts

Discounted premiums

If you prove you’re a safe driver, you’ll be rewarded with reduced premiums.

Get an instant Drivology motor insurance quote online

Get an instant Drivology insurance quote now

We only need a few details from you – then we’ll find you an outstanding price direct from Drivology.

Your insurance policy will help us support UK charities

When you find a great policy for you through Drivology, you’re getting a huge range of benefits you might not expect.

We operate a unique social value programme – and it means that the profit your insurance policy will help us to generate contributes to the support of life-changing charities here in the UK.

From HMP academies that help to reduce crime to food redistribution networks that help to provide food for people who would otherwise go hungry, the organisations we support have an impact on real people right around the country.