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Get the best Aviva car insurance prices today

If you’re looking for an insurance company that listens to its customers, Aviva might be the perfect choice for you. Not only do Aviva make it simple to choose an ideal level of cover, they’ll also make sure you don’t pay any interest on your monthly premiums – and you don’t need to worry about paying an inflated renewal cost either.

When you get a quote with Aviva, you’ll be able to choose from ‘Basic’, ‘Regular’, and ‘Premium’ levels of cover. At Basic level, your car will be covered for accidents, fire and theft – but many additional insurance perks won’t be included. The great thing about this type of cover is its cost! You won’t be paying for anything more than the essentials – so you can be confident that price will be low.

As you climb up the options, both Regular and Premium mean you get fully comprehensive cover for your vehicle – but Premium also means comprehensive cover when you drive someone else’s car – as well as increased cover for your personal belongings – as well as a range of great benefits around legal protection, using your car abroad, and onward travel after an accident.

Whichever level of cover is right for you; you can be certain you won’t be paying over the odds for your policy. Aviva promise that you’ll always get the same or better price as you would if you were joining as a new customer – so you don’t have to worry about sneaky premium increases when it’s time to renew!

Get the best Aviva car insurance prices today

No interest on your premiums

If you choose to pay your insurance costs monthly, you can sometimes find yourself paying an increased yearly cost – because of interest on your monthly repayments.

With Aviva, this will never be the case – because they never charge interest if you spread the cost of your cover. Great value – however you budget.

If you’re looking for an Aviva policy that comes with a host of outstanding benefits, we can help.
Transport home after an accident

Transport home after an accident

If your car can’t be driven, Aviva will make sure you’ve to transport.

Uninsured driver promise

Uninsured driver promise

If you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured driver, you’ll get your excess back.

Lower renewal prices

Renewal price guarantee

You’ll never pay more than a new customer when it’s time to renew.

Choose from 3 levels of cover

Choose from 3 levels of cover

Aviva makes it simple to choose a level of cover that suits your needs.

Get an instant Aviva motor insurance quote online

Get an instant Aviva insurance quote now

We’ll help you to track down an outstanding quote from Aviva – we only need a few details about you and your vehicle.

Your insurance policy will help UK charities

You probably didn’t think car insurance ever came with a feel-good factor – but it does when you find your next Aviva policy through

Our social value programme means that every time we help someone find insurance for their vehicle, we can contribute to a range of charity initiatives around the UK – and beyond.

From food redistribution services that help prevent hunger – to HMP Academies that tackle re-offending rates around the country, you’re helping us to support real services that make a big difference to local communities.

When you use, you’re helping charity work that saves lives.