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Get the best Autosaint car insurance prices today

If you’re a young driver and you’re hoping to find a great price for car insurance, Autosaint might be just what you’re looking for!

While young people tend to have more accidents in their first few years of driving – there are plenty of young drivers who are exceptionally safe behind the wheel. The trouble is, insurance companies work on statistics – so if you’re young, you tend to represent a greater risk.

Autosaint takes a different approach. Rather than automatically giving you higher premiums, they fit an Autosaint box to your vehicle. As well as monitoring how you drive, the company will also give you feedback about your driving – helping you to avoid accidents going forward. 

In fact, you’ll get access to an ‘Autosaint dashboard’ – and you’ll even get a score that’ll help you look at your acceleration, braking, and speed. As long as you keep within safe speeds, you’ll be rewarded with an extremely competitive premium – often up to 40% less expensive than mainstream insurance alternatives.

Rather than inflate your premium and wait (sometimes years!) to reduce your costs when you prove you’re a good driver, Autosaint do things the other way around – so, you’ll get a better price for your insurance upfront – and, as long as you stick to driving safely, you’ll find that your premiums stay competitive!

If you think you’re a safe driver, Autosaint might be the perfect company for you. They’ll even get in touch to give you some pointers if you have a couple of slips-ups.

Get the best Autosaint car insurance prices today

Autosaint are happy to talk with parents

If you’re looking for a policy on behalf of a young person, you’ll be pleased to hear that Autosaint are happy to talk you through the specifics of their black box policies. 

We know parents worry – so by working hand-in-hand with Autosaint, we give you a chance to understand how this next generation of car insurance will keep your family safe.

We make sure that every one of our Autosaint insurance policies come packed with great features and benefits.
40% cheaper like for like

40% cheaper like for like

Huge price reductions when compared to non-black box policies.

Driver analysis

Driver analysis to help keep you safe

Want to know how you’re driving? Autosaint will tell you.

Stolen car tracking

Stolen car tracking

Don’t panic if your car’s stolen, Autosaint will be able to track it down.

DIY Black box

Quick and easy fitting

A mobile engineer will have your black box fitted in no time!

Get an instant Autosaint motor insurance quote online

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Your insurance policy will help UK charities

You probably didn’t think that insuring your vehicle could come with any feel-good factor – but at, we’re trying to change that.

When you buy your next Autosaint policy using our insurance comparison service, we’re able to continue providing financial support for a huge range of UK charities.

The organisations we support provide food redistribution services, HMP Academies, supported living services, and employment training programmes – all for some of the most vulnerable people in the country.

We can’t help everyone who’s facing hunger, homelessness or a lack of opportunities – but each time we help someone find a great insurance policy, we take a step in the right direction.